Hello! I've been looking at different types of puppy food and right now I think that I will go with Taste of the Wild for my new Corgi. Is this a good choice? What other brands should I look into? I've also heard that some people don't choose to give their puppies puppy food because it makes them grow too fast, so should I maybe switch to all life stages food?

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If you choose TOTW make sure that it's salmon or the 24-25% protein as Corgi pups need low protein. I always have recommended either TOTW or Canidea(all life stages). There have been some recalls on these from a certain plant but I checked and my bags are fine. These are good foods and have good ratings. You can also check out Dog Food Analysis for others. If you go with a puppy food then it must be for large breed pups and taht also has the lower protein as corgis take till almost 2 years to mature.

Would you recommend the TOTW puppy or adult formula?

I've raised a lot of dogs from puppies into old age, ranging from a toy breed to a giant breed and never used a puppy food.  I always used a good quality maintenance food, adding a small amount of protein, such as lean meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, egg, etc. and a bit of olive oil. I never wanted fast growth and all matured to their proper size.

Do you give them dry or wet food, and which brand?

I use only dry dog kibble.  There are many discussions on this site about which brands people use. I have used different brands over the years. 

we pretty much used Innova small bites with Innova and Blue Buffalo canned since the day we got our puppy

I know one of the 2 I use has added the puppy formula. I guess I would try that but do check the protein level as I haven't looked at it.Although I have always used the all life stages for my own.

I think it is very important to give a puppy the best food when they are building muscle, bone, and nerves, I live in the country and we have no pet stores so I have used online shopping to get the best food for all of my pets. We have great results with Taste of the Wild. The price is not to high. Our best results came from Orijen. If you need a very small kibble Now, Bil Jac and Earthborn are great. Go to a web site like Mr. Chewy and see what all is out there to help make a choice. Good luck and ps I have found the better food reduces hunger and the amount of poop. Also I know some vets tell you that dogs need low protein. Please do your own research because science does not support that statement. Dogs and cats need lots of protein even those in kidney faliure. Their systems process food different then other animals. Like giving dogs food with grains, cows need 4 stomachs to digest grain your dog only has one.

I also feel puppies need more protein and a bit more fat than adult dogs.  At the current price of premium foods, I can do better by adding some real quality ingredients myself. I do this with my adult dogs as well. 

I've been pouring over as much information I can (getting our puppy in just over a month!), and there is some confusing stuff out there! Some people say low amounts of protein, others say high protein is good and too many carbohydrates are bad. For now, I'm leaning towards the latter opinion and plan on feeding my puppy Orijen, which is quite high protein. I'm also probably going to go straight to adult food, after reading so much about puppy food being a product of marketing, and adult food is perfectly fine for puppies.

Here's the most recent article I've read about protein vs. carbs: http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/04/09...


There is sooo much conflicting info out there it's hard to make an informed choice. I just want the best for my puppy too!

Corgis are considered a large breed dogs and will continue to grow until they are almost 2. That is why the low protein (24-25)%, you do  NOT want them to grow fast as their bones and other parts need the slow growth to make them healthy. A small breed dog food is higher in protein for dogs that mature quickly.The only thing small about a corgi is their legs...I like grain free why feed them corn? Their ancestors mainly ate meat they caught and just like people...too many carbs are NOT good. TOTW salmon is what mine get because some of the TOTW is too high in protein but once they get to be 2 it's ok. Or the Canidea all life stages is fine...just check out the labels:)

Did you happen to read the first article I linked to? The doctor talks specifically about large breed dogs and how high protein isn't the culprit behind fast growth. Here's a little excerpt:

Diet Influences How Fast a Puppy Grows – It Does Not Influence His Adult Size

Overfeeding an adult dog leads to obesity and serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Overfeeding a puppy during the active, rapid growth period right after weaning leads to skeletal problems.

The goal for large and giant breed puppies should be controlled growth – not overgrowth.

The size a dog ultimately becomes is primarily dictated by genetics. But the time it takes a dog to reach full adult size can be controlled to a large degree by nutrition.

Protein is Not the Culprit -- Excess Calories and Minerals Are

Researchers have studied the diets of large breed dogs for over 30 years to understand the link between improper nutrition and skeletal problems.

Studies have repeatedly concluded dietary protein levels have no effect on the development of skeletal problems in large and giant breed dogs.

But still today, many breeders of large dogs, owners and even some veterinarians will tell you protein is the problem, even though there is no evidence to prove it.

Protein excess is not the problem. In fact, it's often a dietary protein deficiency that contributes to skeletal problems.

The elements of nutrition that have been scientifically proven to negatively impact skeletal development in puppies are excessive calories and high or unbalanced mineral content, specifically calcium and phosphorusi .

Do you think she is providing wrong information there? I'm just trying to get the most accurate info possible, but it's tricky since everyone seems to have very valid points of view. It can be very confusing... :S


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