Hey guys I have a 9 month old puppy. From day one I was very strict about his barking. Every time he barks, I stop playing, leave the room or put his leash on and put him in a corner of the room so he knows it's not allowed. Sometimes he stops sometimes he doesn't. Now I have a very mean guy living upstairs from me and as soon as Chico lets a few barks out he starts yelling. I figured with my consistent behavior Chico would have learned by now that barking is not ok. But I feel like he can sense my tension with the guy upstairs and has figured out that I will look at him or pay attention to him as soon as he barks. For example if I sit on the coach after our walk and not play with him he barks. The only thing that works consistently with him is
Putting his leash on. I've even tried the backstop ultra sonic and it still didn't work. Any suggestions would be appriciate it. I know corgis are barkers and while it doesn't bother me, clearly drives the nut job upstairs crazy. Funny thing is that it's a dog friendly building.

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I don't know if this will help, but this is what a trainer taught in her puppy classes years ago.  It was all positive reinforcement.  First, put barking on command.  So teach them to speak when you ask them to.  Then teach them the quiet command.  The idea is that it is easier to learn the quiet command if they know there is a speak command.    It also lets them know that there are appropriate times to 'speak', and it is something they should be asked to do.  I don't know when this actually sinks in, but its a process.   The other thing this trainer explained is many dogs just love to talk.  So let them have a bark fest at appropriate times.  She suggested to go for a car ride and let the dog bark its fool head off while riding around where it won't bother anybody but you. 

So that was her training advise.  In my experience, you have to be extremely consistent to get the quiet command to work, and it has to be a positive experience for the dog.   I do clicker training to identify when they get what quiet means and jackpot that with treats.  But even after they learn it, its very hard to be consistent and you end up yelling at the dog to be quiet and then you are barking too and everything ends up all negative sounding.  Corgis don't usually respond as well to that.  So... thats my 2 cents.  Good luck!

Thanks Susan. I thought about teaching him the bark command but didn't want to encourage it. However it might be worth a try.

I would also suggest when he barks inappropriately that you refocus him on some activity that you would like such as training sit, shake, roll over etc. Sometimes replacing a behavior with another works well.

Thanks Bev will give that a try. He's really not that bad. Has gotten much better. When I wrote this question initially he had just gotten neutered so I think his hormones were playing a role. He barks now but will stop if immediately if I show him his leash or get up and tell him quiet. Think he's slowly.coming around lol

Cassie is a barker, too. It's not easy to cope with. No amount of training strategy makes an awful lot of difference, other than putting my hand on her back gently but firmly and being quiet until she quiets down.

Have you thought of trying to find a place to live where the barking won't disturb neighbors? Truth to tell...if I lived in an apartment and a neighbor had a barking dog, I wouldn't like it!

The dog pound warned that Cassie had been relinquished for barking. My lot is almost a quarter-acre, so there's space between dog and audience. But I did tell my neighbors that Cassie was said to bark a lot and asked them to tell me if they were bothered. One of them, who was friendly with me, I would periodically check to find out if she was hearing any barking. Because Cassie is inside most of the time, though, and because she doesn't stand out in the yard and yap, apparently I'm the only one whose ears get deafened regularly.

Yea verily, as we scribble Cassie just tried to launch a barkfest. Why? Who knows? Wanted to get the pup's attention? (It worked.) Heard something out in front? (Again!?!!) Wants me to get off my duff and feed them breakfast? (Probably.) Was able to settle her down quickly and now she's sitting here peacefully again. But it means the human has to break off whatEVER she's doing to quiet the dog down.

Update on Chico: I guess after 11 month of practice he finally understand barking is not OK to get attention. I pretty much catch him right before he is going to start barking. He kind of does a silent bark first so as soon as he does that I put my finger to my lips and say "shhhhhh", followed by a deep "noooooo". 90% of the time that works. If it doesn't I just pick him up and put him on the couch and hold him on my lap. He also hates forced cuddles so this is a form of punishment for him lol. Once he calms down and stops panting and heart racing I let go of him and than he just sits beside me like a good boy. It took a while, but he is much better now. So to all those barking puppy owners , I suggest being consistent, let the dog know barking for attention is not OK and eventually he will get it.

 Awesome! Good work!


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