I have a 4 1/2 month old male corgi who vomited a little bit this morning and then again later at tonight. The first time he vomited there was only a little light brown colored goop but then at at night he vomited part of his dinner up too. What could this be?

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The most likely cause is he ate something that upset his tummy.  Usually a few episodes of vomiting are not a big concern.  If he is feverish, very lethargic, or has watery diarrhea that leaves him dehydrated, or if he strains to poop and can't or just stops pooping despite eating, then it's time for the vet.  However, if he is passing stool normally and otherwise well, just keep an eye on him.

With mine, I usually try one mild biscuit about an hour after vomiting.  If they keep that down and they didn't lose much of their meal, I feed them half the normal amount at the next meal and if it sits ok, the rest an hour or so later.  

Thanks. That was what I was thinking because he ate some rubber underneath a carpet so I just wanted to get a second opinion.


I agree. Don't stress a bit of vomiting too much. Watch for any signs like dehydration, especially if he continues to vomit. A 12-24hr fast with water can also help to clear out whatever was upsetting his stomach. We often start our pup slowly on boiled chicken and well cooked rice after the fast.

Thanks for the advice.

Was it after eating? Eating really fast can cause him to throw it back up.

I add warm water to his food and let it soak for at least 30 seconds (he waits too cute to make him wait much longer for it to soak in). When I do this he is fine. If I don't do this he is more likely to throw it up. I think 1. the water slows him down 2. the water aids in digesting that kibble he pretty much inhales regardless of my telling him "easy" to slow down and taking his bowl away to make him swallow fully after half the bowl is gone.

Dogs barf. Don't panic.

Ease off on the food for a meal or two, long enough to let the dog's stomach settle. It won't hurt the dog to go without one meal, especially if you usually feed twice a day. Provide plenty of water. Watch for diarrhea. Note any symptoms in case you have to take the critter to the vet.

Ease back on to the food by feeding a combination of rice and cooked, boneless chicken or hamburger.

If barfing continues for a day or two or if the dog is upchucking violently, then take the pooch to the vet to check for a fever or any other untoward signs.


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