Took Maxen to get his shots on Saturday and he threw up at home about an hour later.  He just seemed very groggy and not like himself for the rest of the day.  Sunday, our niece came over and he was his usual playful self, ran around with her and ate his two meals that day with no problem.  This morning I fed him and he threw it up about 15 minutes later.  I called the vet and they said that the shots can only have an affect like this within 24 hours of getting them, but I have read otherwise from a few sources (I know not everything on the internet is true, but still!)

They also said that it's possible that as he's growing up, his body might be starting to reject the food he's eating and we might have to switch brands, or he's just eating too fast just like a lot of puppies do.  We received the new brand in the mail today and will start to transition him slowly.

I am just a little concerned because it's too crazy of a coincidence that he got sick almost immediately following the vet visit, but maybe I'm just paranoid..

Anyone else had an experience like this or any of the theories that the vet's office suggested?

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The first reaction right after the shots may have nothing to do with what happened today especially since he was his normal self and has eaten several meals with no problems.  How is he acting otherwise?  He could have eaten something that disagreed with him before you fed babies, everything goes in a puppy's mouth.  Maybe he is eating too fast..try putting something in the middle of his dish that is on the heavy side so he has to slow down to eat.  My 10 yo female inhales her food and sometimes she brings it back up.  I can't say as I have ever heard of a dog's body starting to reject the food you have been feeding it all along.  If he hasn't had any problem with the food before I don't think that would be it...but that's just my opinion. Maybe soften his dry food with a little warm water to help get him to eat slower.  I think the big thing to look at is how is he acting.

The food rejection doesn't make sense to me either but I thought I'd write it anyway sinse the vet's office suggested it.  He seems to be OK otherwise, but it's hard to tell because he ran around with my niece the whole day yesterday and was extremely tired (which is usually the case after they play).

I will monitor him closely and if need be, bring him to the vet.  I just hope he ate something and it is now out of his system so he can go back to being a strong healthy boy!

This may not be part of your puppy vomiting, but I thought I would share just in case. My pup was sleeping in a pet bed at night inside her kennel. She kept randomly vomiting, it was hard to pinpoint the cause. I had switched foods, and tried other things with no luck. Finally, figured out she was pulling at the fuzzy pet bed with her teeth and eating the fuzz. Crazy little thing! So, maybe look around for something you wouldn't expect her to be chewing on or eating and make sure that's not part of the problem. Hope it gets better for you soon!

I will definitely check!  At work now and can not wait to go home to check up on him and spend time with him.  My poor little thing

My puppy did the same thing when he got his last shot. He was groggy for a day and threw up his next meal after the shot but he was fine the next day and never had any issues since. It may just be from the shot or it could be from eating something stupid (Blaidd does that A LOT). Hope you get it figured out!

Thank you!  He seemed fine yesterday and today.  I broke up his dinner into two smaller meals and fed the second one using a food puzzle toy which prevented him from eating too fast!



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