I'm getting a new puppy and one book a read said to keep her away from where other dogs do their business until she has had all of her puppy shots. In my neighborhood that pretty much rules out all of the sidewalks since there are a number of dogs who are walked regularly in my area. It is clean in that most owners pick up after the dogs but does this still mean I should avoid walks on the sidewalks where other dogs go?

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I would wait until she is at least 11 weeks. 12 weeks is probably a better time though since that is when they normally get a big round of shots. Also, it's not only for your puppies safety, but for other dogs safety, since puppy poop tends to carry more parasites and such. In my experience w/Gibson though, he refused to walk until he was around that age anyway, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
Certain highly contagious and deadly diseases can linger for a long period of time in high traffic areas. It would be best to keep a new baby protected until they have immunity from parvo and distemper in particular. You never know if strays that have not been vaccinated have been in the area.
Well you can do one of two things. George was my first dog, and I was paranoid as all hell, so I let him got on wee-wee pads until he had all 3 rounds of shots. Of course, I had to clean up a mess 2-3 times a day in my kitchen, for about 6 weeks. I've since learned that was rather drastic. Instead, I'd wait until after his/her first round of shots, and since they don't really 'walk' all that well anyway at such a young age, simply carry him/her outside to go potty, just to get them used to the idea that outside = eliminate. Keep a sharp eye out for other dog's business, and don't let the puppy sniff or lick anything. I'd suggest for actual walking and exercise, try to take the pup to areas you know are unpopulated by other dogs.
Thanks, good advice. I think we are going to just use our backyard until she is about 12 weeks. Having done some research I was amazed at how many diseases and parasites dogs can carry.
Yeah, Grover didn't at all do actual walking on a leash on the sidewalk until he was older. We just used the back yard for potty time. And honestly, the way he was then, there would have been no amount of exercising or walking that would have calmed him down!! He was a tornado!! Enjoy your new little one!
My vet said that as long as my dog's mother was vaccinated, my puppy should have all of her vaccinations for the first few weeks, and basically the puppy vaccinations were scheduled in such a way that when the mother's immunities wore off, that's when it was time to get the vaccination.


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