I've been reading a lot of peoples blogs on this website and I keep seeing "frapping"...Is that something specificaly corgi's do?

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"Frapping" is an acronym that stands for "Frequent Random Acts of Play" or "Frenetic Random Activity Period."

Usually your dog will run as fast as it can in circles, with a wild/vacant look on its face and often making "Hrgh, hrgh, hrgh" sounds almost to itself. While it may seem your dog is sort of glazed over, if you clap your hands suddenly or touch it quickly, the dog will usually snap out of it.

Many dogs do this as puppies or young adults. Quite a few breeds stop once they reach adulthood, but it seems many Corgis continue the behavior into adulthood.

Some people theorize the dog is having fun, others think it's just a way to burn off raw energy. Personally it seems my dogs do it when they are frustrated by thwarted attempts at activity they wish to engage in. For example, Jack will frap if he's in mid-wrestle session with Maddie and she decides to quit while he still wants to play. Or he'll frap if he wants to run upstairs and I won't let him.

I think most of us just step out of the way and laugh til it's over! Not all Corgis engage in frapping. Jack fraps fairly often, but I've only seen Maddie frap once.
frapping may also be referred to as zoomies. there is a cute youtube video that can be accessed "corgi breaking the law". It is a priceless example of illicit frapping on a golf green! Another great example is "kaley corgi doing agility her way". I have often wondered if the corgi size/configuration and wicked sense of humor are responsible for flipping the switch....
i love kaley corgi's agility video!! she's the cutest little fluffy with a definite mind of her own!!!

Soffie and Griffyn frap 1st thing in the morning.... i'm sure it's their way of letting loose the energy pent up overnight. And.... these past several weeks of cold weather here in Florida seemed to light a fire under them too!
They said it!!! Edward is the frapper of the household...just sit back and enjoy it when it happens!!!
LOL. I never heard the term until today on this sight. Emma is 2 1/2 and has been frapping since we got her at 11 weeks old. Understanding her need for plenty of exercise, and herding purpose for breeding, I made attempts to run around our property with her from day one. It eventually turned into a regular run around the house 2-3 times a day - always after relieving herself. I have not been able to keep up with her from at least 4 months of age - she is very speedy and smart, and quickly learned the routine, automatically taking off as we would approach the back door. She always went 2 times around and gradually added little "sprint-off's"on her route. She would zig-zag through the yard leaping over the split rail fence [bottom rung:) , down over the hill and back to 'touch base' with me before heading off again. I use past tense b/c last spring we brought Tucker home and she immediately took to 'training' him and thus adjusted her frapping exercises. Today, with Tucker at 10 months, they always frap together and even in the kitchen - usually in the morning after a good long stretch, and Tucker's 'good morning howl' [he talks a lot]. They go round and round the table, under the kitchen counter, out to the foyer, touch base at the front door and start it over again as long as I allow it. They even will run through the other rooms if I have the doors open. It is exactly like toddler play. I just always thought this FRAPPING is what makes a Corgi a Corgi!
I have been watching my 11 week old do this as she is chasing the cat around and around the furniture, I think it is a hearding thing. They cant heard as they are now house dogs but that instinct is still in there and it comes out in FRAPing
Tigger is a frapper! He does his mad runs usually throttling a doggie bed, a loofa dog or some other toy. Molly just runs after him trying to herd him.
Corgwyn are a gift from the faeries. Frapping is when they're giving a faerie a joyride.


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