So I always thought my sweet Penelope was a Pembroke until I went to bring her to get her shots and the vet said that she was a Cardigan because she had a tail. The woman that I got her from told me that she chose not to dock Penelope and her siblings' tails. She said something about it becoming more popular nowadays. Now I'm totally confused? 


I know some Pembrokes are born without tails and most who do have tails get them docked. What do you guys think Penelope is? To me, it doesn't matter because she's still my adorable little corgi, but I just wanted to hear some insight.


You can see more pics of her on our website at


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judging by the facial features she is all corgi with a cute tail:) if u got her from a breeder i am sure she knew what she is breeding lol sorry. i wouldnt really listen to what all people say what she is because my vet tried to tell me teddy is a miniature German Shepard
I didn't know they made miniature German Shepards... lol

I saw a "miniature German Shepherd" once -- it was a German Shepherd crossed with a corgi!

Yeah, we knew what it was. But it sure looked like a mini-GSD.

Looks like Penelope is a Pembroke who got to keep her tail.  Some Pembrokes are born with a natural dock but I don't think it's that common.  Many non-breeder PWC owners are enjoying the tailed look on a Pembroke but the AKC breed standard still calls for docked tails unless a dog is brought in from a country that prohibits docking. Some USA breeders, who breed only for pet usage, may be leaving some tails on. There are plenty of pictures on MyCorgi of Pems with lovely, foxy tails but the tailless look has been part of the PWC look for centuries now and some people feel is an essential part of the dog's over all look.

Looks like a tailed Pem to me.   The breeder should know what she's got.   :) 


My vet pronounces it Cor-gee, so I just take the majority of non-medical breed-related stuff with a grain of salt.

Haha, everytime I tell someone what he is they repeat it back "cor-key"!
I get that a lot too!

Same here. XD Haha. That drives me crazy! I always tell them, "No... Corgi." And emphasize the fact that the word contains a G.

I've actually heard someone call it a "Gorkey" before... "Corkey" is understandable, but "Gorkey"? ...Seriously....

people ask me what butterbeer is mixed i try to explain he is his own breed...they all look confused!
Oh yeh, people will say what kind of dog is he, and ill say corgi and they'll say, oh what is that a mix of? Really people, not all dogs are labs and poodles!!
Say it's a mix of a vallhund and some other unknown breeds....1200 years ago!  Then, laugh at them.
I saw a youtube video of a corgi on a swing, titled "Fox on a Swing"


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