Ok, so I just adopted my Corgi two months ago. He has been absolutely wonderful! I started him on Beneful Healthy Radiance because of his coat.(I had a Lab who ate this and lived to be almost 14 so I didn't know it isn't as good as you think it is for them at the time) When I took him to the Vet for the first time she said that food was fine and that he looked great. I was feeding him a 1/2 cup in the AM and then again in the PM as I had read that was a good amount for Corgi's. I thought he seemed like he was a little thin when I got him and the Vet said he was a couple pounds underweight (He was 26lbs and I read Male Corgis should be 28-30lbs) She said she would prefer him to be a little underweight than overweight but that is he is really active than to up his food to 3/4 cup in the AM and PM. So I did as he runs in the backyard everyday and couple times a day. We try and take a walk everyday (if it would stop raining here it would be everyday lol) and we also play a lot in the house throughout the day (I am lucky enough to be home all day as I had two heart surgeries last yr and am out of work for a couple yrs).

My question is he all of a sudden started picking at his food sometimes he would eat and sometimes not or he might only eat a half bowl. Well he did this for a couple days about two weeks after I got him but after two day he went right back to normal. This past week he picked and barely ate for three days so when I was at the store I picked up a Beneful wet food and mixed in just a big tbsp of the wet food and he gobbled it right up! I have been reading about different dog foods and I now know Natural is the best and I have since read the ingredients in the Beneful and realized there is no meat. I plan on talking to his Vet and seeing what she recommends for Natural food. I also know wet food isnt good for them and I want him to be a dry dog food kinda dog but is there any harm in him getting a big tbsp of wet food mixed in with the dry? He is now back to eating and his stools are just fine...

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Show breeders pretty much always add meat. You can see ads where big specials (campaigned champions) are sponsored by Pedigree or Eukanuba, and it says "Brady is a Pedigree champion!" or similar. And yeah, Brady does eat Pedigree. And raw hamburger, eggs, kelp, chicken stew, salmon oil, and vitamins, oh and some Evo and some liver. It ends up being the case that the Pedigree contributes a cup of the total of four cups the dog eats.

Anything that does not identify the species - "animal digest" is another big one - is rendered multi-species meat and almost certainly contains euthanized animals.
This is off-topic, so I won't go on at length, but it is positively not true that adding corn oil will make an otherwise malnourished animal's coat bloom. I road for years, and a cup of oil in the feed of a poorly conditioned horse will not give them a shiny, dappled coat. It might help if they are otherwise in good health but missing some fatty acids. A bit of Show-Sheen will add shine, but that's on the surface and you can tell the difference when you look.
Ok you all, I can see now that nobody is ever going to agree on what to feed your dogs...Even though the Beneful, etc...might not be the healthiest for people's dogs its obvious that some dogs do just fine on these brands. I just want me dog to be healthy overall and so far he is a very happy, healthy active dog even on Beneful. I feel that no matter what is in the food if the dog was not healthy you would be able to tell by looking at the dog. So as long as he is thriving on what he is on then I think its just fine! I just simply wanted to know if you all thought it was ok to add wet food to the dry (as I had heard wet food can cause teeth problems) or if it could cause any problems, I didn't want to start a debate...
I agree Heather, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would never try to convince someone to change what they feed their dog but I will not hesitate to share what I've learned about nutrition and let them make their own decision. I appreciate people sharing what they know with me as well. Knowledge is power, right? I am not against foods such as Iams, Purina etc and that is what our dogs ate when I was younger and they lived to a ripe old age. I just choose to feed Finnigan something that I feel is better because if there is a chance that it will benefit him, why not do it? It certainly can't hurt. Anyway, I realize you didn't ask about switching foods and the only reason I suggested looking into another food previously is because there may be one that will give him the nutrition he needs to support his activity level without him having to eat more. If he gets full he will not continue to eat so getting him to put on weight by increasing the serving size will be a battle.

I would not worry at all about adding wet food to his meals which I know was your real question. :)
You are right, Heather: there are lots of opinions and the food discussions tend to get a little passionate! But if your dog is healthy and you and your vet are happy with his condition, there is no reason to change what you're doing and a little canned won't hurt your dog at all.


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