I am always concern my puppy's weight--- She is almost 10 months and 25 pounds.

2/3 cup a day only...

Does she need to drop a few pounds?

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Just basing it off her topline and waist area, I would say she could stand to lose some. Then again, she may not be done growing and that weight could be perfect for her once she's finished. I preferred to keep Ace on the skinny side even when he was younger, as he was so incredibly active and fond of running and jumping that it just made sense to keep him slim.

I agree she needs some "work" on her waist line. I have been giving her only Blue 2/3 cup a day (into two meals, morning and evening), and at an hour exercise per day. She used to get lots of treats from training, playing and walking. It might be the main reason she got about chubby. Treats usually have more calories...

Now, I am cutting back the treats, or use apple and carrot instead. Hope it works...

Will crating her while I am at work contribute to this? Since she basically sleeps all the time...

Why her face looks so small to me, all the calories went to the tummy...

I agree she could drop a few pounds, but since she's still growing I would bring her down fairly slowly.  

Is she on a high-calorie food? (Blue has several varieties).  Since she's only getting 2/3 cup a day, you might find a version of a food you like that has closer to 350 cal/cup rather than reducing her further, and just switch her gradually.  

These are great pics.  If you read the other thread on weight, you will have seen that I mentioned the topline is a better indicator of a Corgi's weight than whether or not it tucks up. From the side she looks ok but when you look just at her topline you can see the couple extra pounds.  

I did read the other weight thread and that's why I got more concerns. I didn't notice her most disappeared waist until I took these pics this morning.

She is on Blue adult food, which is 440 cal/cup(just checked). I never pay attention to the calories/cup, only the protein percentage. That is the reason I chose the current food, 22% protein.

I will look at some other Blue food with low calories... I really don't want to cut back the portion more since I do want her to grow, but of course, in a healthy way...


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