The color changes confuse me in these little cute corgis! I am picking my puppy up when he is 8 weeks old, currently he is about 5 weeks old. His siblings are a mixture of darker reds and lighter reds, his mama is a red and white and his dad is a sable with a reddish head. I was just wondering everyone's opinion as to what he looks like to you! Will he get lighter or darker as time passes? I will love him either way, I am just curious! :) thank you!

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He'll probably be red and white.  Usually the sables have a cap-like marking on their heads.

My Jack kept a lot of black-tipped hairs, but I was assured by an experienced breeder that he'd be considered red-and-white with sabling, as opposed to an actual sable.  Of course I had another breeder say the opposite :-)      But I believe usually the sable keeps the black cap on the head.

Thank you!!! The dad actually isn't that sable then he is just a darker red and white with blackish markings ( I am guessing sabling) haha

I wanted him to be a red and white but either way I will love him to death! Thank you. :)

I would say red and white.


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