Redford is having a lump on his neck removed today.  Let's hope it isn't a sign of a more serious condition.  Butler was very confused when I came home without Redford.  He kept looking for Redford and it took him a bit to settle down and eat his breakfast.  He is quite clingly right now.  Any suggestions on how to keep him from overwhelming Redford when I get him home tonight?  He'll have a cone on which may also cause some issues

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I would baby gate them apart until the cone is off. You don't want anything happening to the surgical site. You could put Redford in an xpen if you have one to keep him safe and quiet.

We recently went through this with our 2.5yr old Corgi, Aayla.  She had a lump removed from her backside and we worried about how to keep Caedus, the 6mo old puppy, from getting in her space too much.  The first night was easy, as Aayla wasn't interested in doing much after we told her that she couldn't play fetch, so she just rested in her crate.  After that, the hours we were at work, they are in their respective crates, and when I got home, I just did all walks separate and gave Caedus more one-on-one play time to keep him distracted from his big sister.  Hoping you hear good news and Redford's lump is nothing serious!

So far everything is ok.  Redford is a little out of it which doesn't surprise me.  I gave him rice for dinner since he had his teeth cleaned too.  Its hard for him to eat with the cone, so I held the bowl so he could reach.  Butler alternates betweeen licking Redford's eyes and nose and pulling on the cone.

Thanks for the advice.  Now we're waiting to see what the lump was.

Any news???

No news from the vet yet.  I did find a good way to give him his pills.  He gets 3/4 of one pill every 8 hours, so I split them into quarters, wrap them in a small piece of cheese and then microwave the cheese for 5 seconds so it melts around the pill.  He wolfs it down like the rest of his food.

Update: the biopsy showed the lump was beginning to show malignancy, but they think the vet got all of it.  No chemo needed-we just need to watch for more lumps.  He's got one more day of antibiotics and we took him off the pain pills because he didn't seem to need them and he wasn't his usual energetic self.

Glad it was caught in time and he doesn't need anymore treatment:)

Redford's stitches came out Saturday and the cone came off last night.  He couldn't stop putting his face next to my body (much nicer than putting it on cold hard plastic).  He was such a happy boy-romping around and rolling on his back.  All is now right in his world.


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