What are your thoughts on this technique? I find it pretty awful, but I have a hard time explaining to people why... other than "sure it might work but it's so mean!!


Words of wisdom? Maybe you like the idea? Maybe you hate it?


Most of us grew up that way, I think. Thoughts?


Potty training thoughts in general?


photo from corgiaddict.com

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There is one more downside to the "rub their noses in it" technique.  Dogs, like most animals, often instinctively sequester their feces, and avoid them, to the point of putting their poop/pee in one corner.  (I've been told this is how wolf dens are organized.)  If you rub their noses in it, you may be signalling to them that it is okay to smell like poop, and for everything to smell like poop.  So you may be unintentionally confusing any other potty training that you're doing!


There's pretty much no substitute for standard potty training- watch the dog like a hawk for the first few weeks (or months) to make sure they're not sneaking off to poop/pee somewhere else, and if you catch them in the act indoors, interrupt and haul the dog outdoors.  Also, praise/treat lavishly when they do go outdoors.  Corgis catch on quick.  :)

It is to late if you didn't catch her in the act.  Take everyone out and she will soon learn by watching and following the others. I have read over the years, articules that this is not the way to training.   Some experts say that it also may teach the dog to do it in that spot.  Good luck.   Picture is cute. Says it all. 

You need to see the puppy make the mistake to correct it at any time...

I make sure its easy for the puppy to find where he/she needs to go I have newspapers down inside ontop of plastic in one room & just pick them up morning & night...

- its not easy but its dangerous outside our house at night & we dont have a in/out door..  I try not to tell my little guy off for any thing- boy corgis want to please you to no end...

Always go outside in the next hour after eatting

And do real good clean ups with a carpet cleaner once he/she can smell a area they go back to it...


Look on this site it has some great information about most topics... Happy Thanksgiving :)))

I'm going to give you an example.  My husband doesn't believe me when I tell him scolding them does no good.  I do believe that they remember somewhat though that what they did was bad.  I have a German Shepherd that always gets in the trash.  We bought a locking one, but it only works when you remember to lock it.  On the days we remember, she is happy and carefree when we get home.  On the days we forget, we come home and she is either sulking, or no where to be found.  We have no way of knowing when we come in the door whether she's gotten into it or not.  She takes it to the living room, which we can't see when we enter.  The other day, she was bad, and sulking.  When my husband went to pet her, she peed.  Did she remember- yes.  Did she think he was going to be mad- yes.  So she obviously correlates her being bad with him being mad.  Is she going to stop- NO.  She's a dog.  Dogs get into trash.  That's what they do.  We as humans are wrong because we forgot to lock the trashcan.  Does that make her wrong?  No.  Dogs get into trash!  It's the same with soiling the house.  If they have to go out, and you aren't there to let them, they go wherever.  They don't do it intentionally, that's just what they do.  They know they are supposed to go outside, and trust me, they don't like soiling their den.  But what do you do?  You gotta go, you go.  The idea is to spend the time teaching them the appropriate place, and then know their schedule and hints they give you when they gotta go.  If they do, and you rub their nose in it, all that teaches them is to fear you.  They know they were wrong, but it's your fault for not letting them out.  My newfoundland broke my heart--when he got old he couldn't get up anymore until you helped him.  As it got worse, he would strain so hard to get up (even with us helping him), that he'd poop.  The look he would give me after was heart-wrenching.  He knew he had soiled, and was so sorry for doing it...but the poor guy couldn't help it.  So they know, and feel bad already.  You don't need to make it any worse than it already is.  Imagine how you'd feel if you had soiled yourself.  Embarrased, sorry, etc...Trust me.  It's all going to happen to us someday.  Karma comes back around.  Be nice to the dog, and maybe someday, somebody will be nice to you.

I really like that thought about karma and being nice to the dog. Amen.

NO and Dino agrees. Not a good way to train. Good example Jen.


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