Hi everyone. Gracie is 6 years old and about a month ago I noticed she had rust colored stains on each side of her lower jaw. I tried washing with soap and water but it didn't come off. I took her to the vet who suggested it might be her dishes (ceramic) leeching nasty stuff into her water. She gave me some Mal-A-Ket anti-fungal pads to wipe her mouth after she eats and I switched to stainless steel bowls. Two weeks later it doesn't look any better.

Has anyone else run into this problem with their Corgi? I also noticed darker color staining on her private bits. Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe switch to bottled water?


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Here is photo....

Don't know but I would watch the treats and see if it's darker after them.

Dogs such as ccockers, poodles, bitching frisée and really slobbery breeds get that, I'm almost certain it's bacterial. How did the peroxide work?

This is red yeast. It grows on dogs' fur in areas that stay wet a lot. It's the same thing that causes tear stains. It's harmless.

Thanks Ingrid. Any idea how to get rid of it? Peroxide is making it fade a little but it's still there.

I've never had any luck getting rid of it. I'd just google red yeast on dogs and see what comes up. 


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