What's on your Corgi's Christmas list this year?

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I just got mine a portable pet kennel and Livvy will get balls, Sage will get chew toys, Wynn a stuffed animal, Bella would love a real rabbit to chase(I don't think so) and Wiley and Teddy rubber chewy toys that make noises! Of coarse they all want some good treats too!
Last year we got Ella tennis balls and a few chew toys. We'll probably do the same this year, and I'd like to make some doggy "christmas cookies". Our son likes to pick out the new toys, so that is always fun. He always picks out toys she ends up loving.
I hope all the corgis out there have a wonderful christmas. :)
Ellie would like a lifetime supply of Liver treats and 50 pot plants to chew on......she isn't greedy!
Pot plants or potted plants? ;)
Oh ho ho. ;3
Waffle wants:
A squirrel (preferably alive, but dead will do)
Or other med-size rodent (ferret, guinea pig, rat, etc)
A dolphin head
Cooked steak
A brother or sister
Or a kitten which will act as a brother or sister

Waffle is getting:
A tennis ball with a fox tail attached
A stocking full of who-knows-what goodies from my school's Pre-Vet club
Too many cookies to count

If I could get him a brother/sister or a rodent, I would!

Too funny. I'm sure Waffle will enjoy his "getting" list. Although maybe you could get him a fake squirrel, it wouldn't "smell" like the real thing but could still be fun.

We are Corgis so what else? FOOD!!!!!!! TREATS!!!!!!!! MORE FOOD!!!!!!!!!

the two starving Corgis in Iowa
The two starving corgis in Iowa?
We gave Murphy his Christmas present early. He got a huge and very plush $40 dog bed made by Serta. And since his birthday is December 26th we also bought him something for his birthday that he'll get then. We bought him more treats and we'll probably buy him a new toy soon for his birthday. I would also like to make homemade dog biskets that are grainless since Murph has an allergy. I just don't know if there's a recipe to do so.
I think there is a recipe using baby food and something else....I'll look for it and post it for you IF I can find it!
Our girls got a grooming table and will get some tasty bones and toys we bought on Black Friday.


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