Oppy is afraid of a lot of things.  Things like the vacuum cleaner are understandable (plenty of dogs are), but he's been getting worse with all sorts of new things freaking him out.  Anything that makes noise sends him running.  He's always been scared of when we move his crate (it's metal and makes a good deal of noise when moved), but after having to take it apart/reassemble it to steam clean the carpets in that room, he's completely petrified of the thing.  Normally we'd throw a treat in there and he'd be inside before it leaves your hand, but the last 2 days I've had to just pick him up and put him inside.  Does anyone have any advice about how to get over fears (mainly things that make loud noises)?

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My previous corgi, Buffy, was very fearful like that. Obediance classes and some fun agility helped a lot. She never would do some things but loved the tunnels. It really did help her confidence.


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