Second dog..should we get another male or get a female this time?

Gunny is 8 years old and we have been thinking about getting another puppy. Gunny seems to really enjoy running around and playing when other dogs visit( all have been females). We are just wondering what we should get..male or female? Anyong have an opinion or experience in this decision? The second dog is strickly for companionship. We are not interested in breeding. Gunny is neutered and very sweet natured. Has always been nonthreatening to other dogs.

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I've heard that male/female pairs usually get along the best. I have a male and female and they do wonderful together. They play all day and don't mind eating out of each other's bowls. Seeing as Gunny usually has play dates with female dogs, you can save yourself some hassle and get a female and work from there.

Its really a personality issue, yours and theirs.  I prefer two males, but that's just me.

Here is a link to a discussion that has a link that links back to lots of past discussions about the gender issue (I hope that makes sense lol!):

Common wisdom says get a female.  My experience is that females tend to be more dominant, so I'd go with a male.....maybe just because I like their personalities better (usually) and they tend to be more easy going, in my experience. 

Usually male/female pairs get along the easiest. I have two males and they are best buds though, so it can work.


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