I was hoping for some advice from all of you who have heard of this or experienced it before.  My 1 year old Corgi, Leia, has a problem with her foot.  She and my husband played ball last night in the back yard and she came in with a toenail that appears to be hanging.  Its on the left rear foot, the outside toe.  The nail is sticking out way more than it should and is slightly cockeyed.  The toe is not swollen or tender at all, so I'm pretty sure its just the nail.  Must have caught on something while playing.  When I went to touch the nail, she yelped.  Later that night, I touched just the toe, and no reaction.  


We read online that we should trim it and bandage it.  I'm hesitant to take her to the vet because I have an appointment next Saturday (5/28) for her yearly check up and the cat's as well.  Can't move the appointment, so if I do go to the vet, it would be an additional appointment ($$$!!)  She HATES having her nails trimmed, but doesn't put up too much of a fight.  This could be different though since it is so sensitive.  


Do I really have to trim the nail?  It doesn't seem to be bothering her, except when she jumps off the couch (she holds that foot in the air until the others are squarely on the ground).  Will it just fall off on its own?  Can it wait a week?  Any advice is much appreciated.


Thank you,

Lindsey and Leia

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Hi Lindsey, would you mind taking several pictures so that we can all see what you're referring to?

Of course.  Thank you.



Hi Lindsey, it'll be difficult to remove the nail and keep Leia still all by yourself, you may want to just tape it for now. Go to Walgreens / walmart and look for "hurt-free wrap" or "vet wrap"and telfa pad.

Follow the instruction below 



Speedy recovery Leia!

Do NOT get it too tight.  If it swells and impedes circulation, you'll have a real problem.

Okay.  Thank you.  I found a discussion where that happened to poor Franklin!  We'll be really careful.  


yes be VERY careful if you wrap it! If you do decide to wrap it, change the wrap daily DO NOT LEAVE IT ON. Don't let it get wet. Most bandages you put on aren't going to stay on anyway so you won't have to worry about it. They have a habit of slipping and coming off. Frank has tore his toenail 3 times, once completely off, once it was at a funny angle, and the last time he damaged it but it still was at a normal angle. Twice I took him to the vet for treatment, lots of $$$ later and all they did was cut the toenail flush with the toe, no pain meds or anything. I think it'd be fine to wait until your appointment on Saturday just make sure you don't play fetch or any games that will rip the toenail all the way off and make sure to stabilize it until your appointment. The 3rd time Franklin damaged his toenail I just left it and the nail did not fall off, it is still damaged looking and it looks like the nail is no longer living/growing.....maybe from being torn off so many times (all 3 times were the same nail!). If she does end up tearing it all the way off some flour, cornstarch, or quic stop will do the trick to stop the bleeding, and they do bleed A LOT.
wow!  That is wild!  Thanks for telling me though, it helps me a lot to hear other stories like that.
Wow, thanks a lot, Sam!  You always give great advice.  Very thorough too!  Much appreciated. :)
Anytime, just pay it forward :)


So we chickened out.  We started to address the toe with the nail clippers and she was yelping like we were killing her before we even got close.  I decided this was definitely a job for the vet because I was also too nervous.  I'm sure Leia was feeding off my nervous energy too.  I love our vet and have so much confidence in them to do what is best for my pets.  Since Dustin was off work this morning, we were able to get a vet appointment for both the dog and the cat.  Sam and Leia are great!  They clipped the nail and wrapped it in a purple bandage to match our LSU colors that Leia so dearly loves ;)  Thanks to all of you for all of your advice, I feel that we were able to make a very informed decision and handle the situation properly.  Thanks again everyone!  Here is a pic of her at the vet afterwards.


Awesome! Matches the leash perfectly :) Get well soon Leia!


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