I feel like there was a post about this a few months ago but I can't find it. Is anybody using the Seresto Collar with their corgis? I just moved to a 200 acre property that has a lot of ticks and Frontline (or any topical product) is not working here. He is still flea free and it works on my cats but I suspect since Frank swims in our pond daily the Frontline is just washing off. I've pulled about 6 live ticks off of him since I moved. Some of my vet friends have recommended the Seresto collar as it can be waterproof, safe for cats, and lasts for up to 8 months. This seems too good to be true (especially since the collar is only $49 at DrsFosterandSmith.com with an additional $20 rebate!!). So, has anyone tried it and does it REALLY work as well as they say it does?

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I personally don't like any flea/tick collars. There's been reports with Seresto causing dogs and cats to have really adverse reactions. Also, if you have cats I'd steer clear of collars since they aren't good for cats. I just don't like that much toxic chemicals being near a dogs face. They will constantly breath them in as well. Doesn't seem like a good thing. I'd chenge up what topical medicine your giving him. Since some will work in other areas better than others. GL!

I've tried all the topicals, He literally swims everyday so they wash off, none have worked in the past so I ended up with a vet only version of Frontline and its not working either. Seresto is safe in cats and supposedly safe to ingest (although not recommended) and levels of the medication are released in very small amounts too low to be toxic to children or humans. Definitely a lot of new technology with these collars vs others. 

I have always hated the idea of flea/tick collars as well because most say hazardous to domestic animals and require a thorough cleansing if touched. Makes me wonder why the heck you'd put it on a pet if it was so toxic, but these are different. 

Here is the previous discussion: http://mycorgi.com/forum/topics/new-seresto-flea-tick-collar-effect...

I currently have Frosty and 2 of our cats on Seresto collars.  I love mine, and they work great.  We have not seen any adverse side effects and everyone is now free of fleas and ticks.  We have only been using for approx 3 months, so not sure if it actually works for the entire 8 months advertised, but I definitely prefer them to all previous products we have tried (Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, cheap-o Walmart junk lol)

thanks! I knew there was a post here somewhere!

Thanks for sharing!  We've been struggling with ticks too.  I got a collar from my vet that was supposed to work for 3 months, but I think Fauna swims so much she ruined it.  I'll ask my vet about this collar when we go in for our check up next month.

You probably know more about how this stuff works than I do----but I thought the topicals just need like 36 hours to soak in, and after that the active ingredient is in their body and it doesn't matter if it's washed off. Or is it the actual coating of the medicine on their fur that keeps ticks away? So maybe you could try reapplying a topical and just try to keep him out the water for a few days? Of course I'm not suggesting any of this because I think the collar is a bad idea---I have no experience with those. But just a thought.

Generally the topicals are spread through the lipid layer in their hair coat. If they swim too much or are bathed too much you can wash them off. There is possibly the option of dosing him every 2 weeks but I'm afraid if it isn't all washed off I would be overdosing him, not to mention its super expensive. 

I've always been against flea/tick collars too but I have decided to give this one a try after hearing nothing but positive results from friends in the vet community. I've asked a lot of people over this last week and it really does sound like an amazing product. We will see how it goes! My fingers are crossed.

Just picked one of these collars up from the vet supply store today. Hopefully it works well!  The brochure said that if you bath your dog regularly or if they swim more than once a month, they color will only be effective for 5 months.  But with Triflexis not being effective against ticks at all, I'm happy with whatever I can get!

I figure since it was only $29 (with the rebate) even if it ACTUALLY WORKED for 1-2 months I'd be happy! I'm still waiting to receive mine! I'd like to know if yours works. 

Here's some efficacy studies:


I like the price and how long it lasts, but I must say I don't like the idea of leaving collars on 24/7, even if they will break away if the dog gets caught.

Yeah I'm not generally a fan of collars on all day but will be trying this as a last resort. I really like that it is a breakaway collar since none of the other ones are. Hopefully it works!

I purchased the Seresto collar for Maya after trying the Frontline topical that didn't work, and Trifexsis and Confortis that doesn't work a full month on Maya. Maya has been wearing the flea/tick collar for about a month now and it seems to be working well killing fleas. I have not seen any live fleas on Maya, and may have picked two to three dead fleas off of her since I put the collar on her, and as far as ticks go, we don't have a tick problem down here in south Louisiana. Before purchasing the collar, I read many different reviews and they were mixed, some were positive, some were negative. I decided to give it a try since everything else isn't working as good as they claim. So far, so good. Maya is very active and has never shown any kinds of sickness or unusual behavior. Talk to your vet and see what he thinks, myself, I would recommend the Seresto collar to anyone who owns a dog.


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