Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share about corgi shedding. Our Jinger sheds like crazy and I've been told that it's only going to get worse. We brush her before and after her baths with a special brush (Top Paw) that's supposed to remove the undercoat. There is hair everywhere! I feel like I'm vacuuming or picking up hair off the floor every day. After I hold her or play with her I have to use the lint roller on my entire body! Are there vitamins I can give her to help with this issue? 

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I have a Cardigan, who sheds A LOT twice a year (early winter and summer).  I have found that brushing with a rake works well, but unfortunately shampoo, vitamins, and fish oil will not affect your dogs shedding.  You mentioned that you bath your corgi?  This will actually promote faster hair loss.  On the advice of our breeder, we never bath our dog, besides the occassional rinse if he is muddy.  Corgis do not normally require regular bathing, especially if they have an opportunity to swim.  Bathing with shampoo will actually dry your dog's skin; thus, more fur loss.

In regards to shedding, is there a type of dog food (dry) that would help shedding, apparently Beneful produces more (acc to Petsmart employee), but I didn't know if that is true or if they were going to sell me a more expensive brand...would love to know, thanks!

Shedding is a natural process in most dogs, in Corgi's case, they shed and re-grow their undercoat to adjust to the changing seasons.  Unless your dog's shedding is caused by a medical condition (highly unlikely), a certain food, supplement, etc. will not affect shedding.  Sorry!  Just a little annoyance for having a dog!

I know, just didn't know if the petsmart employee was trying to upsell. 

Feeding a good quality food will help their coat to be healthier, but I can't say it will necessarily shed less. Beneful doesn't have the greatest ingredients though so I can see why the employee would try to push something else.

Furminator! I furminate my corgi 2-3x a week, for about 10-15 minutes each time. I don't think it's possible to damage their coat or remove too much fur from the. Believe me, there will still be plenty of fur left! lol. I couldn't live without this tool! To remove the top coat I use the rubber zoom groom brush, which works great too. And we still have to vacuum every other day. It's just part of package!

I've never used a furminator.  I do cold/wet/snow mountain stuff with the dogs, so I don't want to thin their coats.  We have an Afro-style coarse steel comb, which I use less than once a month, to control matting, not shedding.  We very seldom bathe the dogs.  I should ask visitors if our house smells "doggy"; I can't tell.  I think they smell clean, unless they've rolled in something choice.  We're slobs; I vacuum maybe once or twice a month, whether it needs it or not.

Yes, we do have these canine fibers about the place.  It's like air.  Part of the environment.  I think this shedding/hygiene thing is misoverestimated.  Get used to it, shed happens.  Your standards of tidiness may mimic the recent economy.  

If Jinger is 6 months old, she probably doesn't have her full adult coat yet.  Mishka seemed to shed constantly....and then he slowed down a lot once his adult coat was in.  Now he loses a little bit every day but not as much as when he was little.  Of course, now he blows coat twice a year, which is more intense but short-lived.  So she might grow out of the constant shedding as she loses her baby coat and gets her adult coat.

I bathe Mishka once a month (on allergist's orders - unless he rolls in something gross, he never seems to smell bad) and after shampooing and rinsing I spend a long time working in a lot of conditioner.  The added slip from the conditioner helps a lot of the loose undercoat come out in the rinse - and you have to rinse for a LONG time.   And then I towel dry, comb through once while he's damp (wide tooth comb) and then again when he's almost dry (wide and then fine tooth).  Eventually the fallout slows while I'm combing, and that's when I stop.

The allergist just added fish oil to Mishka's supplement regimen - it will be interesting to see if that affects the shedding as well as skin dryness.  She said it would take at least a couple weeks to see a difference.

Sidney doesn't shed as bad as his corgi friends. I don't know if it's genetic or if it's the supplement we use.

It's skin and coat supplement made by Foxy Treats ( a local organic pet treat company whose mascot is also a corgi!).

Foxy Treats Skin and Coat Supplement

Your bathing too much,every time I hear a story about a corgi shedding lots, or having a skin condition,it's usually down to people thinking their dogs should be bathed over and over again,my cardi gets a bath once a year(more for us than him), he does not smell., my beagle mix(Abbie) is a different story,look into the history of the corgi, they have a coat that you and I can only envy,my last corgi,Chuckie,used to get bathed every year,we learned early that you do not bathe them too often, he used to get really bad "dandruff" ,which turned out to be the natural oils that protected his coat drying out and fluffing off,my advice is to slow down big time on the baths,but then this is my own opinion.

I agree, neither of my dogs smell "doggy" so I very rarely bathe maybe 1 or 2 times a year max they get a real bath (usually after a mud bath haha), and other than that it's just spot cleaning for muddy feet and such. Both their skin and coats look great IMO.

Mine probably get a bath every 4 months or so.   If they get really muddy bellies I might rinse them (water only).  Maddie sometimes needs her backside freshened between baths (she is totally furred in her nether reasons and sometimes gets a bit stinky).  I rinse their feet in a bucket of plain water if they've been walking after the roads were salted.


I agree their coats are amazing and there is little doggie odor.  I grew up with hunting dogs and most smell a lot more than Corgis!


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