I was curious what things people have used for dogs with skin Allergies. My Aussie has always had bad skin allergies, and now Lyla has been chewing on her paws too. I am not sure if she has skin allergies too or if she is just copying what she sees Sky doing (which she does a lot). I have been giving Sky Benadryl twice a day, but I would rather be giving him something natural. Has anyone tried a natural remedy that has worked well for skin allergies?

I found something on allergicpet.com called Skin-Eze that looks interesting. Has anyone tried that before? (http://www.allergicpet.com/products/skin_eze.html)

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You might also want to investigate environmental issues this time of the year. We are in a very dry, cool and dusty weather pattern in the midwest. I've noticed a lot more paw licking and itching so we added some organix extruded soy bean oil to their diets as well as upped the fish oils. I also mist the dogs and massage in a diluted condition from Isle of Dogs line of products. Seems to be helping tons. Now if would only rain!
Totally lost my train of thought with the post and forgot to add--check out your household cleaners! If you have recently changed carpet cleaner, what you use in the mop bucket or even your detergent, those plus the weather can affect allergies or skin sensitivities.
Lily is doing the same thing!!!! Is this a corgi problem?? She is chewing her legs all the time...
What food are you feeding her? The first thing I would try is changing her to a grain free food and see if that helps. Corn is a very common allergy for all dogs.
Taste of the Wild....
I think that this food is grain free...I have to check it.
I'm with several others about the food idea (if you haven't tried it) not just switching to grain-free either. It took us several switches to find one that worked for Hermione.
We also started bathing her with an organic oatmeal shampoo and with a special mitt with these rubber nubbins that get all the way down to her skin once a week to get the allergens off.

Good luck!
You can also try wiping them off with a non-scented hypo-allergenic baby wipe when they come in from outside. If it's an outdoor allergy it might help some.
Haha, this thread is so old I didn't eve remember I'd started it! Just an update for anyone who is interested:

My dogs' skin problems have gone away completely with the following changes:

1) They are fed a raw meat and bone diet
2) Minimal vaccinations (Parvo, Distemper, Rabies only; no Parvo/Distemper after 1 year of age, and Rabies only as require by law... at this point, in my state, 3 years)
3) When a problem crops up, no antibiotics, steroids, etc, but homeopathy instead
what homeopathy do you use?
The type of homeopathy you would use would be different for each dog. Each of my dogs has different individual remedies depending on their very specific symptoms and personaltities. My homeopath is very helpful and willing to answer questions, and I have been very impressed with her. You can find her at www.theholisticbeing.com.


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