I have found that both of my Corgis love to sleep or lay with something against their backs. They usually snuggle up against the side of their crate, bed, couch or nearby wall.

Also, my first one loved sleeping under my bed and second one loves sleeping tucked between the wall and an end table that I have.

Wondered if anyone else has noticed these traits?

I'm thinking that the small dogs "hide" like that as a safety or avoid danger type of tactic?

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Against my feet while on the bed...sssssllllllloooooowwwwwlllly pushing me out....
Maybe that is it. My guys like to sleep propped on something...it's why they need a pillow.
Turtle loves to be under the bed but it has to be at the head of the bed where it's against the wall - I guess it's his secure place.
Steve likes to do what Michelle and Boo mentioned. He'll first sleep at the foot of my bed and before I know it he has 3/4 of the bed while I'm almost falling off. Or he sleeps on top of the extra pillows next to my pillow but for some reason his butt is always facing my face (it would be nice to wake up to his cute face once in a while....
Yes, the butt towards the face move has always been a constant to. I really have to work hard on changing that habit. Even just lying on the couch, I get the bad end.
Colbert likes to sleep with just his nose or butt sticking out from under a pillow or blanket. We chalked it up to his previous abuse and him using it like a security blanket. We even skirted the end table for him to sleep under.
This is a classic Corgi behavior. They are small and agile babies and they don't want anything sneaking up on them from behind (or above). My dogs favor getting under things and in corners.
Against the wall, under the table and under the bed are all places lance likes to lay. Under the bed doesn't happen too often though, its mostly under the table in the daytime, not all the time though and at night always against the wall, in the corner.
Yes, our Corgi loves to sleep under the couch or under the bed. Dunno about instincts, but this seems to be a corgi trait. My previous dog ( a cocker spaniel) always wanted to sleep out in the open.
Charlie loves to sleep under the bed - we call it " the cave". My husband will call and ask what the dogs are doing and he knows that Charlie will almost always be napping in his cave. Our new rescue baby likes to sleep on the bed but only when we are in it. During the day I have noticed that he likes to sleep in a corner with his back next to the wall or door. He also is right under my chair alot.

Our sheltie is a typical sheltie and sleeps with one eye open at all times and follows me everywhere I go. (they are true velcro dogs)

Sparty likes to lay in door ways. I think he is on guard. Izzy likes to be tucked into some place.
ein likes to be against things as well. as i type he's under our dining room table and he's propped up against one of the chair's legs :) but he does love to sleep on his back against the wall the most! lol. he looks so cute!


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