So yesterday I noticed Monty limping a bit on his front left leg when he woke up from a nap to go outside. I freaked and went to check the leg by touching it from paw to spine and didn't see any reaction. After a bit of walking he seemed to have walked it off and was fine. He was fine this morning but when I came home from work today to give him his pre-dinner walk and he didn't really want to go and was slightly favoring the leg again. I massaged the leg and then got to his spine and he seemed to react a little but let me continue to massage him. I also noticed today on the floor he was drooling (not usual especially not this much). Is this due to pain? My concern is Monty doesn't whine or cry when in pain (not even when he ripped his dew claw off!). I am not sure if I should take him to the vet or if I should just see if rest a couple of days helps...anyone else experience this? 

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Well it looks like the drool was from a slab fracture of his back molar. We went to the emergency vet Tuesday night in the middle of a sleet storm but luckily got him some pain pills until we went to a regular vet to get further confirmation. Well today we did and the little guy is going in for surgery tomorrow. Needless to say I am a bit nervous but will be happy to see him out of pain and back to his friendly self.
Feel better soon Monty...glad you figured out what it was!
Sorry about Monty; hope the surgery goes well.  
aren't our corgis such tough little dogs!? Its crazy how he had a fractured tooth and no real indication of pain. Franklin broke his foot without so much as a whimper as well as tore a toenail off on 2 occassions. I guess they truly are built tough to take a nice big kick from a cow and continue working through it. Hope everything goes well with the surgery and he's feeling better soon!


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