When Wynstan was younger, he would inhale his food. Now he has slowed down a lot, almost taking his time to eat and is actually chewing his food.

Does anyone else have a corgi that has grown out of the vacuum cleaner approach to eating food? Or is he becoming disinterested in his food?

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All of my adults take their time eating unless there is someone nearby that they think will steal their food!
Its normal. Ella was the same way. Now she takes her time as long as there are no kids or dogs around.
hmmmm, Lance hasnt slowed down with his eating over the years.
ARE YOU KIDDING?!? HAHAHA!! Our two inhale, never chewing a bite! Maybe, even though we feed them in separate rooms, they do this because they think the other will eat their food? Actually, I just think they are PIGS!
phew, glad to hear Lance isnt the only one to still inhale his food. hehe
Stanley's almost 2 and he still chows down his food as fast as ever! We tell him to savor every bite but he just ignores our advice :)
One of my corgis, Sherman, inhaled his food as a pup. I found it amazing since my first pup could care less about his food. Sherman is a year and a half now and all of a sudden eats his meals very slowly. It almost makes me think that there is something wrong with him! I'm glad to hear that others are like this as well. Since getting Sherman, my other corgi Linus now goes for his meals now that there is competition.
Ein always chews his food and takes maybe 5 minutes to eat his 1/2 cup of food. Brian on the other hand, gulps his 1/2 cup of food in 1 minute (I took a video!). I thought that Brian would chew his food after his adult teeth grew in, but nope! Even if I hand feed his kibble one by one or put water in his food bowl, he still gulps it down.


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