Here's the whole story.
About a month after we got Shiro (he was 4 months) he started getting small dot like dark brown sports on his belly that appeared to be itchy. I took him to a vet and he was prescribed some oral and topial antibiotics. The spots disappeared after the course was done but came back in a couple months. A friend of mine had a border collie puppy of the same age with the same symptoms and her vet said it was a puppy thing. So I thought it might have been the same, especially after realizing that our vet liked to overtreat, overvaccinate and overtest.
We changed the vet and I think the spots either weren't as bad or disappeared because I don't remember the vet saying anything about it.
When we came back for neutering his tummy looked worse. The spots were bigger and now black. The vet said it was staph infection and sent us back home with some antibiotics. They helped, but now, about a month and a half later he got it again.
The staff also told me to keep soap on him for 10 minutes when bathing, but he doesn't really get bathed a lot anymore, every 2-3 weeks if he starts to stink.
Now I have to mention that Shiro was off flea prevention this past month, but we had to put him back on it because he is wit other dogs a lot and fleas started bugging him. This was about 2 weeks ago. Could it be the flea prevention causing this? He's on Advantage now, but he was on Frontline before.
He eats Innova large breed puppy food. It is not grain free, but a good quality food.
I read about staph infection in dogs and it looks nothing like what he has.
Has anybody seen something like that before?
Could it be any kind of allery?

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Go to and read around the pet area. It might be some kind of skim infection, but I fear against your pup getting too many antibiotics. I am convinced that was the reason my Aussie had so many health problems for the first year of his life- 3 or 4 rounds of antibiotics in as many months!! If it is an infection, the Ox-E drops on that site can be helpful. It is a completely natural anti-fungal. I use it on my dogs' itchy skin and it is great.

One other thought... have you had his skin scrapes to check for Demodex Mange? It is not altogether uncommon in pups and very treatable.
I looked into so many things but nothing looks quite like it. The skin is not scaly or irritated, they are just small black dots from itty bitty ones up to 1/12 of an inch. I've been spraying it with betagen that we had from the last time and he'll be getting a long and foamy bath soon. If I have to bathe him every week to get rid of it I will.
I am still thinking to switching to a different food though. Innova is a high quality food but he poops so much it makes me think very little stays in the system.
I have a friend who recently switched her dog to Wellness. He suffers from skin allergies. He's a Golden Retriever. I spoke with her today and she says she is noticing an improvement. You might want to consider switching food. This is a great website for comparing dog foods ~~>
oh my god, this website is amazing!
I red some reviews and apparently Innova is grain heavy! I would not have came up to that conclusion myself because the first 3 ingridients are all meats and it is considered a good quality food. That explains why he poops so much!
Can you get pictures of it?

If it IS staph, staph can frequently be relatively resistant to antibiotics and what will happen is the germ load is reduced but not eliminated, so that when antibiotics are stopped it comes right back.

I'm not really familiar with dog skin ailments, though; that's just what little I know of regular ol' staph. That does not mean it's what Shiro has, of course.

Did you try checking with your breeder? Maybe she will have had experience with something similar. If I were stumped and not convinced of what my vet was saying, I know I'd give our breeder a call and see what she says. She's had more Corgis at one time then I'd own in a lifetime....
After reading about yeast infection on nzymes (thanx to Lyla) I think that might be what he's having.
His skin is dry on the belly area, those spots itch and his chest is also itchy.
His eyes are itchy, he rubs his face on carpet to scratch them. The inside corners are red too.
He had been on antibiotics 3 times already in the 5 months I had him. 1-st time for staph, second for giardia and third for aspiration pneumonia after the neutering. I really think the first time was absolutely unnecessary. If I knew that I could rid of it by correct nutrition I would. It wasn't that serious and it didn't bother him at all.
I read somewhere that flea and heartworm preventative could cause yeast too. It is not an option to quit those two right now, he interacts a lot with other dogs and always brings fleas home.
So I am going to get some frozen ground turkey today and some veggies and start gradually feed him raw with yogurt or kefir.
He's definitely getting a bath today. Some people had to bathe their yeast infected dogs twice a week, but I think it's not that severe now.
Beth, I'll try to get pictures, but they are so small I'm not sure aobut my camera's resolution.


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