Just click on the Corgi piece, it is AWESOME

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Congrats and thank you for doing the show Scott and Kathy! When Animal Planet approached me for potential candidates, I knew y'all would make us proud :) Go Bevy and the rest of the corgi crew!
Wow, is a very good show indeed :=) Congrats!
Wow! That was totally awesome!



That is AWESOME!!!! Way to represent such a great breed :)
This video is Awesome!!!  I love how it shows the very best of this great breed!  Bevy and her family do make us all proud!!  Congratulations to all of you!!!
Now we have to show discovery channel johns hiking corgi and sidneys recovery.

Congratulations!  It's so exciting to see working Corgis. :D  Of course, they all look stunning. 


PS That is a fantastic moustache.

thanks Rachael, nobody would know me if I shaved the stash off
that was from me Scott, didn't realize that Kathy was logged in not me

thank you Sam for making this happen. It was fun and the Animal Planet people were great


You're very welcome Kathy :)


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