Just click on the Corgi piece, it is AWESOME

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Beyond awesome, I can't even think of the word that sums up how I feel right now! Way to represent corgis!!! Grats!!!
You guys were ALL GREAT! I love watching the shorties get their work done. It looks like they earn their keep around the Wiley Ranch but I have a feeling they are pretty spoiled rotten too! :)
That was awesome!!!!
love to see them in action. Corgis rule!
coolest thing ever!!!
I loved it, that's amazing, thanks. Al & Gwynn want to sign on. They're swaggering bowlegged around the yard. I had to tell them no, they can't have Stetsons 'cause their ears are too big, and we can't keep pigs, and they're askin' for a backyard 50,000 times bigger. They are really disappointed in me!!
John, maybe you could compromise and just have Scott ship you some cow poop for Al & Gwynn  to roll in.
hahahaha would they all love to do that!!

They WILL roll in it then you have to give them a bath...which leads to shaking before you get the towel to them and then figure 8's as fast as they can go :)


I thought it's: you give them a bath, then they have to go roll in it.
John I can send a box of green stuff for Al and Gwynn to play in. Maybe we should set up a dude ranch for corgis so the city dogs can come out and see their country cousins!

Maybe you've hit on a niche export market.  Just think of the thousands of corgis around the world, yearning to get back to their roots.  FedEx may have to expand their office in Musselshell.  You'll need a catchy trademark for the product; what will you call it?  Let's put the marketing mind to work here.

And Kathy, uh... how does a corgi get on a horse...?


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