Just click on the Corgi piece, it is AWESOME

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@Scott, John & Doug,



you guys are too much testosterone.

i'm sure there's a reason i have 3 girls and not a son or steer (not even a cow!) in sight.

This was wonderful and the story clearly showed the hardwiring of our corgis in it's most elemental form.  Farmdogs!  These four beautiful dogs have meaningful work, a loving family and now a global admiration society!  All the best from Williamsburg, VA:  Nancy, Bear, Tasha (who would love to meet cattle) and Linus (who would take a hard right and get the hell out of there!) 

Hey Nancy-girl,

Long time! I was happy to read your name and those of Bear, Tasha and Linus. We've all been so moved by the Wiley's life. I sent the video to all my friends and relatives. It is something to behold, our dogs doing what they were bred all these years to do. Lucy would join in the herding in a nanosecond, but Rafa would take a hard right with Linus and get the hell out of there. Lucy's about the size of Bevy, 20 lbs.

So how are you and your fam? Hope everything has been going well. Drop me a line whenever you have time or inclination!    Wendy      ;-)

The mustache is glorious.
Maybe I'm a dork, but I've watched this video over and over and over and I love it!  Seeing corgis do what they are bound and determined and joyfully destined do is just awesome.  Great video and many thanks for posting it!
I am so glad that everyone is enjoying the video, maybe if we watch it enough they will do some more with the film clips they already have. I wish that they would have shown more dog work and less of me blabbing about Bevy. Even though I keep getting these comments about the stache, it is supposed to be about the dogs not me!!
Some people seek fame, Scott, others have it thrust upon their mustache.   Anyway, as corgi nuts, a 30 minute video of just the dogs herding cattle would have been great fun but I guess for the poor souls unfamiliar with how wonderful corgis are, AP had to toss in some humans for context.  At least AP didn't ask you to appear all sweaty and without a shirt on to add sex appeal for the ladies!
The Corgis, Mandy and I brought 120 pairs of cows and calves 8 miles today. I hope that Mandy has pictures of the dogs SWIMMING out to get cattle moving. We have water where there has never been any water, I just gave three dogs a rinse so they could come in the house cause they are so muddy and so tired, now I smell like swamp water. The puppies are tired! The grass is so high that I was afraid of running over a Corgi when we got closer to the corrals. Sorry folks, I think that a horse would have been majorly bogged down, the four wheelers float. Another myth about the west exposed!
Thats awesome.. smart little buggers! i bet you all sleep well at night after a work out like that ! i would say good clean living , but you sound like its pretty dirty lol
Dont worry were not looking at you or the family as much as the dogs!  Just as Gromit and Doug said , we could all watch 30 minutes of just the dogs ...

Another response lost in cyberspace. I don't know what's going on. Anyhow, this AP clip has resonated with so many people, that I'm certain that when this segment is aired, people will clamor for more. They have enough footage for several more episodes. Who can watch just one segment and not be wanting more? It's like eating one potato chip. There's something compelling––actually heroic––seeing your 4 fearless Corgis run in between the massive bodies of the herd, especially when the space narrows. Then the joy of watching your little guys charge down the fields, directing traffic. I love it. I suspect America will also love your mustache.


wonderful to see Corgis working, they look very happy


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