First time posting here, though it's been a great resource! 
  Huck is about 1.5 years old, we've had him since March and he's been PERFECTLY house trained from the day we brought him home. Sure, he's marked twice in other people's houses, but that's it and we know we've been lucky.
  BUT, tonight he woke up from a nap, stretched and peed a bit in his bed. He looked ashamed and we immediately went outside where he unleashed a torrent. Honestly, it was no surprise because we've got snow on the ground in Utah and Huck wants to eat all of it! On our walks he just trudges (or sprints) through the snow with his mouth open and hoovers up as much as he can. Poor guy was ready to pop.
   He has to be by himself for 4-5 hour stretches during the day and it's never been a problem, but if he won't lay off the white stuff there's no way he's going to be able to hold it. I'm worried it's going to be a long winter. Any ideas?

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have you taught him "leave it"? teddy does a similar thing but with grass. once u teach leave it and u give that command when he goes after the snow you should be fine. or once he goes to do it say no and spin him in a circle which will throw him off. he should get the message after that
My three adore snow, too! This last winter, they had corgi habitrails all over the property.

Anyway, I did have trouble getting places for them to pee....I couldn't keep up with the shoveling to keep a cleared spot for them. I started putting out a piddle pad (I use the Home Alone adult pads) just for 'emergencies' and it worked great. They still go out to pee now with no residual 'we're going to use the pad and not piddle outside anymore' or anything. I even resorted to using them when I was away all day for work (retired now, thank goodness!) and if they really had to go, they used the pads. Never a mess anywhere else. The pads were great for when I couldn't make it home in time. Definitely not an ideal solution, but it did work.
I'm worried abou the snow too....It's going to be Lily's first winter and I don't have any idea what to expect, since she only goes in the grass and with me on her side. How can I break this habit ?


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