Yesterday Saber was over at my mother's swimming in the pool and trying to eat little red berries. I didn't think she got any, but now I wonder.  

Today she was acting normal and we left for the company picnic for 3 hrs with her gated in. Shortly after we got home we fed her dinner moistened with water to help her eat since she's teething and losing so many teeth.  We discovered evidence of a little mucus puke from when she was penned. Then she played a bunch with a visiting friend of ours and puked.  Then she was playing again and about an hour later puked again.  

She doesn't seem to be acting weird at all. Should I be worried?

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 My guess is that if what she ate was poisonous ( and this is just an educated guess ), by now she would not be acting normal or playing, but she may have gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach from whatever she ate yesterday. It is not a good idea to have puppies play hard shortly after eating, that alone could make her throw up.  The problem with very young puppies is that they can go downhill pretty fast, compared to an adult dog, so the wait and see approach is tricky.  I would check with the Vet in the morning, particularly since we're headed into the weekend and feed her something bland like boiled rice mixed with plain yogurt in the morning to give her some nourishment before you have a chance to have her checked.  If she continues to throw up, you may have to have her checked sooner than that. 

First of all, try to identify those berries. Ask your mom. Then check out this site . It's the SPCA's guide to toxic plants, with pictures. That could put your mind at ease.

Great link,Julia!

Julia, thanks for this link!

Should you be worried?....Yes.....should you panic?'ve had many dogs in my life and I learned a long time ago not to panic over puking...somehow dogs have a way of healing and thru vomiting it seems to be a experience is if the dog is eating, drinking water and playing then let it run it's course thru the weekend. Vomiting afterwards is something beyond careful of tunnel vision if it is something ingested then it could be anything. As suggested feed puppy some rice. Its good for the digestive tract and helps combat diarreah. I wish puppy well.

How's Saber doing????

Vomited a few more times.  Took her to the vet.  Tummy feels sore when vet squeezes.  Not enough to yelp, but she makes an uncomfortable face. No fever.  Got 2 X-rays and they were inconclusive.  Vet said that she may or may not have a blockage.  Can't tell.  She told us to feed her tiny quantities of the bland chicken/rice combo and see how she is until Monday.  So, $140 later, we still don't know.  She's perfectly normal otherwise. Had regular bowel movements and such.  She's still peppy and acting normal.  She keeps water down just fine.  She just has issues with food.

A bland diet in several small meals should do the trick, just keep it up for several days because the stomach takes time to quiet down to where you can feed kibble.  Watch  that she does not get into anything else to cloud the issue. Wishing you a good night and an uneventful Sunday.

So, she seems to have passed a large number of puppy teeth and hair and seems to be doing better now.  The vet says we can put her back on her own food tomorrow.

Glad you're feeling better Saber...I suppose hair and teeth aren't the best:(


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