Ever sit down and think what song could best describe your dog. I know with people we all the time say " Well that song is the story of my life" or " This is my personality".

Well how about your dog, ever sit down and think " That would fit my dog perfectly".


I have...so I'll go first.

Jazmin would best fit " Tim McGraw- Just to see you smile"

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still thinking...I will come up with a song for Lance and Tucker.  I cant believe I dont already have one for Lance!  Just getting to know Tucker.

I would have to say that the song "Low Rider" describes Luigi to a tee   :O)

My baby, Roland, is named for the Warren Zevon song Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.  And I like to sing Mr. Bad Example to him.
Dino and Cocos song would be " I gotta be me " SD Jr
James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend".  We just lost our corgi Lucy today and I can't think of a better song.
That is a perfect song!!  <3

So sorry you lost Lucy!


Not about me or my dog, but it's sort of about the dog's end of the bargain, and the relationship:


Well, for Annie it would have to "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener'!
"Little Bitty Pretty One" (an oldie by ???)  Fits my Odie!

So I came up with a song for Lance, which would be, Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy, Hang on.  With Lances ears now hanging down, since hes been sick, his nick name now is Snoopy.

The song I can think of right now is "you got a friend in me" its off of toy story. Me Teddy r a pair. We r always together doing things:)


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