Ever sit down and think what song could best describe your dog. I know with people we all the time say " Well that song is the story of my life" or " This is my personality".

Well how about your dog, ever sit down and think " That would fit my dog perfectly".


I have...so I'll go first.

Jazmin would best fit " Tim McGraw- Just to see you smile"

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The time of my life.
Great Choice, I do like that song ;)
Uncle Kracker - Smile

"Low Rider"... perhaps a bit obvious? :D


Actually, Edison tends to be more of a muse, i.e. we make up or adapt little songs for him all the time.  A sample:


I'm a little corgi, short and stout,

Here is my tail stub, here is my snout.

When you do not wake up, I will pout,

"Give me food and let me out!"

I thought we were the only ones that did that!  See mine below!


no you arent I adapt almost everysong for it to be about Ace XD
That's a great one! I do that too.
"It wasn't me" by Shaggy
This reminds me of Ace a little too XD
Lol. Perfect.
Sparty's song would have to be Bad To The Bone because he thinks he is bad --- and Izzy would be I'm Just Like You Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert because she thinks she is special!
Haha!   So funny!


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