Hello all in Corgidom!


Our male pembroke recently has been displaying a stiff neck. (Since about 9:00pm EST on Nov. 4th). All day today he has been very inactive, still barked up a storm for his lunch, and ate every morsel.


He tends to FRAP with our girl pembroke, around a hedge in the backyard. Sometimes he will duck through as a short cut. I am thinking he jammed his head/neck?? He accidentally bonked into me kind of hard with his head and yelped when he did it.


I was not with him the last time he went outside last night so I cannot be sure if he hurt himself outside or not.


We intend to take him to the vet if it doesn't get bettter in a few days. A friend had suggested a "stroke or seizure" which he has never had a seizure, and he will be 8 in April 2012.


Thanks in advance!!!

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I hope he's ok!  I'm usually a strong advocate of playing "wait and see" with minor injuries, but with a stiff neck I'd take him to the vet right away.  What if it's actually neurological trauma, or even some sort of brain inflammation?  I know people get stiff necks with meningitis, for instance.  You can't ask the dog if his head hurts too.


I'd take him in sooner rather than later, even if he seems to be improving.  Were it a leg or shoulder I'd say wait, but not a neck.  Just my opinion.  

For some it's a little controversial, but I've taken both Gromit and his wiener dog "sister" Holly to my chiropractor who also treats animals. Without me telling him where, he was able, just with his hands, to identify the problem areas the vet had found with x-rays. His efforts with Holly were a big part of her getting past some disk problems that were looking like they would shorten her life.  Such treatments are not a substitute for proper vet care but a great "in addition to" care.
With a possible injury to the neck I personally wouldn't wait.

I agree with everyone about bringing him to your vet, but tend to agree with Doug.  Does your vet do Chiropractic?  If not you may want to look into finding one that does.  Like Doug said they are a tremendous help with both neck and back issues and then can keep them on a maintenance program.  Hope this helps and hope Dyddy is feeling better soon!



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