Hey, so Penny is way older than the one year mark and also is very well potty trained except for this. It only ever won't happen if we literally just took her out. If she sees someone besides my boyfriend or I(even then it's occasional) she will get so excited that she pees and then usually runs around and through it. We try to plan ahead and take her out when we know it's going to happen, like if family visits, but sometimes it's unexpected. I'm getting tired of being embarrassed in front of our neighbors, who all also have dogs, because she wiggles by and starts peeing in front of them. Does anyone have ideas?

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I had a cocker years ago that would do this when she saw my best friend!!!!!! We just had to live with it and it did eventually quit. The worst was when my friend came over to see my new carpet....yup...she piddled!

What about a treat and "look at me" when someone comes so she focuses on something else???

look up submissive urination.  The Corkster would do that.  Part of the key is to ignore the dog when you first come home so your presence isn't a trigger.  It has been a while since I've had to deal with it, so i don't remember what else you should be doing.

I had the same problem. I think it is just a matter of time + ignoring the dog when meeting him (I had to ask my friends to do that). Taking him outside in advance helped as well.

There is nothing you can do about submissive urination except to try and manage it, as you are doing and as others here have suggested. It is not a potty training issue at all, although that's what it looks like. The worst thing one can do is to scold the dog, that will keep it happening in spades.  Boosting confidence and independence can have a positive influence, so avoid "babying" the dog.  Obedience training, in a well run class,  can boost confidence . If she has been on any kind of steroid medication, these can have that effect as well and for several months.  My Corgi was on Cortisone for a short while and started doing this ( he was already 2 yrs. old and had never done it before ) it took about three months of carefully managing the situation before it stopped.  his was not submissive urination, he simply could not hold it when he got excited ( for instance at feeding time, so I made sure he was "on empty" before starting to prepare the dog bowls).

I had a dachshund that did this when I was a kid. If anybody greeted her happily she would piddle right then and there. We managed it by not greeting her. Just walk in the door and ignore the cute little wiggly butt at your feet. Once she settled down we could pet her and it wasn't an issue. For others that came to the door to visit we would take her outside to greet them if possible. If not, paper towels. Most importantly, it's not a house training issue so do not punish the dog for it.


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