Copper found something EXTREMELY DISGUSTING to roll in at my grandmother's house. She has a lot of wildlife around as she lives right by a ravine in a quiet neighborhood. The first time he got into it, I thought it was just dirt but it was NOT just dirt. It gagged me and it takes a lot to do that. We wiped him down with vinegar which worked and then the next day, he was gone for 30 seconds and when I called for him he came back covered ten times worse than the day before. We found a spot today in her mulch bed that looked like a regurgitated mouse or something or maybe feces. I'm not sure what it is but we can smell it in many different places and cannot find where it is coming from. I live in Northeast Ohio if that helps... Does anyone have any idea as to what he could be getting into?

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Could be the leftovers from a carnivore that tossed its cookies(threw up) and it could be mixed with lots of stuff...I find that tomato juice works wonders but you have to let it soak in and then wash out with a vinegar and sugar solution....and then shampoo his lil butt! My suggestion take some dry soap powder cheap stuff like dollar store laundry soap and spread it around where it stinks. Its bio-degradeable and will leave a smell strong enuf that what ever critter it is will think twice about coming and using the yard for its dumping ground.
When we get fox or coyote scat(sounds better than poop) they roll immediately but I am pretty sure we have encountered skunk scat which was the worst! I just bathed with two shampoos and sprayed them with some lavender scent I got at the health food store designed for dogs. Unfortunately they love stinky stuff!


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