Strange/Rude Things You Hear While Walking the Corgi(s)?

While out walking the dogs with my boyfriend's sister, the guy on the corner was out on his front lawn, and was clearly drunk. "Out walkin' the puppies, huh?" He slurred at us. We smiled and replied, "Yup." He was like "That sucks." 

... what the... O=

Wasn't expecting that response at all LOL. I just replied with "That's alright, we like to go walking." and walked on as briskly as possible. It may have taken me a few extra seconds to respond, because I was so shocked someone would say that to some people who are clearly out enjoying their walk. Sigh... oh, those drunks... =u.u;=

Anyone else heard any offensive, crazy, or unexpected things while out walking with your dog(s)?

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So many rude/awkward comments!

1. Most frequent - "What happened to his legs?" "Where did his legs go?" "Poor guy must be so tired you walking him and wearing him out like that!"

2. Most annoying - "What is she?"  "What's her name?" (Just because my dog is fluffy and beautiful, does not mean he's a girl.)

3. Rudest - "How much was that dog?"

4. Funniest - "What is he doing? Is he playing? Crouching?" (While he is pooping... they do look funny when they poo).

5. Obnoxious - "That's a Corgi isn't it?" (pedestrian) "Yep." (me) "I love corgis. Is that a Pembroke corgi? Or a Welsh?"   -or- "What a cute cor-jeeee!"

6. Rude - "What is your corgi mixed with?" (I have a fluffy). 

7. Stupid - "WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?!?!" (Talking to Ein). 

8. Uninformed - "Why are you doing that to his ears? Poor dog..." (When his ears were taped).

9. Frustrating - "Is he fixed? I'm looking to breed my dog and your dog would make adorable puppies!!!!!!" OMG I AM SO AGAINST THIS RANDOM BREEDING FRENZEE STOP IT. I DO NOT WANT TO MIX MY CORGI WITH YOUR ANYTHING.

10. Mean - "Eew, honey. Don't touch that dog." (Mom talking to her kid after Ein went potty in front of people). Everybody shits, lady.

About the "mean" one.

There is more to the story, and it was kind of gross... but I was still offended and hurt by the lady.

Ein was at a parade. His first parade ever, mind you... and he was nervous. He had been there for about 20 minutes, and he had had enough. I was on my way to a field to get him some space and pour him a bowl of water, when we had to pass through a relatively large, tight group of people. He couldn't take it any more, and I couldn't get him out fast enough. We were literally four or five feet from the edge of the field I was trying to get to, and he began to poo. He had the runs... on the sidewalk. He made two plops on the ground, about the size of sand dollars, and there was no way I could pick it up. No plastic baggie is going to get runny poop off of a sidewalk. If I dump water on it, it will spread to where people are sitting. So I scraped up as much as I could, and then we kept walking, me apologizing (and really grossed out, feeling bad for Ein) the whole time. 

It was at this point that my fluffy corgi was cut off by a small boy, probably about two years old. "Doggie!" he said, in the summer sun... completely oblivious to what just happened. Ein loves kids, and he gleefully rubbed his head on the kid's belly, and the kid began to hug him. 

"EEW!  [Name]!! Do not pet that dog! EW. Gross. Yuck. EW!" A very prissy lady in a sun dress grabbed the boy by the wrist, and he started crying... "doggie" turned into "goggie" as the mom continued to say "ew ew ew" and reach into a bag... probably for wipes or something I don't know. My feelings were hurt for Ein and for the little boy, so I just rushed Ein through the people and into the field. We crossed the grass and went behind a building in the shade, and I gave my dog some TLC and water. 

Was I wrong to be so offended by the lady? I know, Ein had just had the runs on the sidewalk, and she had watched the whole thing happen. She probably isn't a dog person, and thought Ein was really sick or something. And there were still spots on the sidewalk where I couldn't get the poop up. And the spots were baking in the sun. But... I don't know... It just rubbed me the wrong way. Seems like a bad lesson to teach your kids. Like... pooping is unnatural, and you shouldn't be loved if you had an accident because you were nervous. 

Aww, poor Ein!  Jake and I were in a "Doggie Dash" 1k a couple of years ago and he had a similar experience.  Right as the starting gun went off he decided THAT was when he needed to poop.  So everyone is barreling ahead of us and I'm standing there waiting for Jake to finish his business.  Somebody had a picture of the start of the race and sure enough, everyone was well on their way and there's Jake and me in the background...waiting for nature to take it's course...

A two year old is very much like a puppy. The kid's mom taught him that there is something wrong with dogs; he had no idea she was upset about the poop. If I had been in your shoes I would have been very upset too.

Omgosh! You handled that situation better than I would have. I would have told that lady that I didn't want her kid touching my dog anyway. I don't know where her and her kid's hands have been. My dog has had all of his/her shots but I don't know about her kid. Then I would have said "Ew Ein, don't touch those peolple. Ew Ew Ew Ew Gross!"
Just to tick her off.
Not that I would actually teach Ein not to let kids touch him. I would just want to irritate that lady.
Some people are so snobby.
Our neighbor is like that, she runs from our dogs. Two Yorkies and a Corgi and she runs from them like they're going to rip her throat open. Then she turns around (hiding behind something) and says "those dogs better not bite me!!" To which I reply "you better not make them!"
I guess by comparison, I'm just a bad person to say things like that to people. But COME ON people!! Get over yourselves!!! My pets are probably cleaner than many of the people that touch them and they've never hurt anyone. My 7 year old kid sister is meaner than any of our dogs. And she roams the neighborhood freely!! Better watch out neighbor lady!!!


If I had a backbone maybe I would have stood up to her... but I was hot and tired and humiliated for myself and my puppy. :( 



A girl was walking her dog and it sniffed my corgis butt.I don't know if she knew that thats how dogs get to know each other but she said clearly so i could hear it,she yells at her dog"DON'T SNIFF THAT FILTH!"


when she walked away i said to Angie,thats ok,she's filth...not you.

Yet another thing that irks me... When you walk past someone with one of the little toy breeds (most recently a poodle) and they pick it up like my dog is the Plague. 

Yes, some puppies are not up to date on shots yet, but they need to socialize their dogs, not shield them.

If I had done that to Scout when I first got her during her dog aggression phase she would have never gotten over it and I would still have a corgi that snarled at any other dog.  Now, because of socialization, she will put up with almost anything from another dog.

My boyfriend and I had a repair guy over to fix our freezer. Stella thought that he was obviously there so she could have a third person to pet her. He asked what kind of dog she was and I told her that she was a corgi. He said "Oh it would be nice if she stayed like this. Corgis are usually really aggressive." I was completely dumbfounded and managed to stutter out that I guess they could be kind of protective. He went on to explain that his brother had one and had to get rid of it because it was going after their kids all the time. HELLO?? They are HERDING dogs. Of course they will chase your kids. Grrr! Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets. When I explained that they were herding dogs bred to heel cattle this kind of "Oh really? That must be why it chased the kids..." light bulb seemed to go off in his head. 

Most of the time people just see Stella and say "AWWWWWWWWWW". Everyone seems to be confused about her being a corgi because shes a tri color not red and white. But they still know she's cute!

It's really annoying to me when people label a whole breed as aggressive from one experience. The aggression in any dog is sooooo often the fault of the owner that I don't even consider the breed of the dog. If that makes sense... 

Blah the ignorance of some people... then to mistake herding behaviors for aggression. People really need to be educated!!

I have a nephew who Ein herds all over my yard! He even nips at his coat and sometimes the bottom of his pants. But he never hurts him. My nephew thinks its hilarious, and he's five. 

Oh, it totally does!

When I first looking into the corgi breed and I told my mom, the first thing she said to me was, "But Aunt Blank's corgi was so mean!" I looked at her and retorted, "All of of Aunt Blank's dogs are mean and nasty and under socialized. It's her fault, not the breed of dog." She had two Scotties that could have totally turned me off dogs all together.

And a lot of the times, it is the KIDS who are the problem, not the dog.  My fiance has a 4 1/2 year old niece who is so well mannered and was taught how to treat and act around dogs (and they dont even have their own dog) and I fully trust her visiting Scout all by herself... And I trust Scout, too.  She does ask every time if she can go see Scout, and because of both of their personalities, she gets to go visit whenever she wants. (Scout has to stay in the garage when we visit b/c one family member has allergies)


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