Sidney was just following me down the hall when he started crying...really bad...and would not put any weight on his hind left leg. His eyes were really dilated and he was shaking uncontrollably, and panting. I held him as he started calming down. I placed him on my bed to try to see if something was in his paw or something, but I can't see anything wrong.

He got up and limped outside, then came back in and came down the hall. I think he tried going too fast, since he found a corner and curled up there. He's still shaking a little though looking more normal. It's as if he's really scared.

I've called the vet and I'm waiting for a call back. I thought I could go to the 24 hour hospital, but then again he seems to be slightly better, and I can take him to his regular vet tomorrow.

Do any of you have any suspicions as to what happened? Should I give him something for pain?

Hmm, now my hubby tells me he walked upstairs.

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Okay! We're keeping good thoughts for you Sidney!! Hoping all turns out well!
Oh, Sidney! I hope he's ok. We love Sidney.
I don't have much to add, only that I hope Sidney is feeling better.
aww I am so sad to hear that is happening, but i hope its nothing serious!!!! Hi Geri n Sidney.. oh gosh we havent been on mycorgi in a long time...... we have a blog now over at
So, Geri. How is Sid now? I hope all is well. I was hoping for an update already... LOL I'm so impatient. I just want him to be better NOW. Hugs and Corgi Kisses.
Tauna, find my blog post, it has lots more info.
To summarize, at our regular vet they took xrays and found out he has severe hip dysplasia. WE went to a specialist where it was suggested we do a femoral head ostectomy.
Sid was scheduled for today, but we had to postpone to Tuesday.


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