Last week, I found Yoda got a cut on his toe, about quarter inch wide and deep.  Since there is no way I can apply bandages to it and have it stay on.  I remembered an old athlete's remedy, I superglued  his cut, after I cleaned it thoroughly with peroxide and iodine.  I made sure his wound stayed closed before apply the superglue.  I applied enough of it so it formed a layer of protection on his toe.  He walked around without any issues.  After a week, his superglue protection wore off, and his cut healed nicely without any complication.

Of course, this is meant for small cuts only.  I just like to share this experience with everyone here, and let everyone know about this option instead of going to the vet.  

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I believe Super Glue was developed for closing wounds.  Big-wall rock climbers would carry it for hand cuts. 

But whenever you seal a cut, you run a risk of sealing in an infection, creating an abcess.

Is this a pad injury you're talking about?  I recently posted a photo of Gwynnie's pad, which had a big slice-cut -- broken glass? -- largely healed before I even noticed it.  Never noticed any limping.  I've seen several nasty-looking pad blisters heal quickly with minimal intervention.

Yes, the cut is on the pad.  It looked like a razor cut, I did not know what he stepped on.  I cleaned it with peroxide and iodine, much to Yoda's dismay.  I am just glad that it worked out with the superglue, otherwise I would have to clean his pad several times a day.

Here's my post of nasty-looking pad injuries that healed with little or no intervention:

Link to pad injury photos

Ouch, that looked nasty, glad it healed without issues.  Yoda's cut was a little deeper.  I actually found little bloody paw prints all over the floor when I came home.  I was afraid of the possibility of infection and the prospect of cleaning/disinfecting his cuts several times a day.  I am just glad the superglue worked out.

This is a great remedy for humans too.  The "Dermabond" or "Indermel" we use in the ER is essentially just super glue.  The deal is you have to clean the cut well (which you did), and then make sure the edges will come together nicely.  If it's jagged or really deep, it won't work.  I've used it at home many times.  

Can you buy "Dermabond" or "Indermel" over the counter in U.S.?  That might be useful for the Corgis and human!

and you probably don'at want to seal up a deep cut -- you could be sealing up an infection, creating an abcess.

LIquid band-aid is similar and I believe it has something in it that kills germs (or at least it stings and smells antiseptic). 

We actually glue incisions closed at the vet all the time. It says its made for skin, but it's essentially just super glue! We use it to glue surgical incisions on a regular basis and it works like a charm!


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