hello everyone, Superstar has been very good so far, but I have a problem about her diet. she eats my cats' food and my cats eat Superstar's food! I just wanna know, are there any alternatives about feeding both cats and superstar the same type of food or i just go ahead and feed them separately?

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Our dogs would come eat the cats food, but the vet warned us that cat food is really bad for dogs. Too high in protein or something. We were strongly encouraged to feed the cats where the dogs can't get to it. So now the cats have a baker's table where they eat. Easier for me not having to stoop down to feed them too! Bruce lost a lot of weight once the cat food was out of reach.
Yes it is true what Geri and Sidney said about the danger of dogs eating cat food. It is very bad for them, but the vet told us not bad for the cat to eat the dog food. But years ago our American Eskimo dog ate our cats food and she got very sick. She was hospitalized for pancreatitis for almost a week until her condition turned around. So maybe you can put up the cat food where your little Superstar can't reach. Good luck!
Put the cat food up on something high.
Keeping a corgi from eating food that is within their physical reach is impossible.
We used to keep our cat's food on a very high dresser/bench so that our dogs could not reach it :)
If Al & Gwynnie only ate the cat's FOOD, I'd be happy....

if ya know what I mean....
Oh, I KNOW what you mean...
haha Lola at what came out the other end also =)
I realized when Gizmo was younger that he was eating the cat food. My vet said that the cat food was too high in fat for them. and finally I had to put the cat food in an area where i knew he couldn't get to. He was sneaky about it.. and was driving me crazy.. He would come out of the room where it was lilcking his chops.. He was getting very plump.. and that was why.. LOL. I agree with the others.. if cat food was the only thing I have to worry about.. he would eat all kinds of things if i let him..
Cat food is higher in fat than dog food. May cause tummy upset, and is not recommended.

Dog food does not contain an enzyme essential to cats, and lack of it could lead to blindness.
Hi. I have had this problem before. The vet told me that dog's love cat food because it has more fat in it and tastes better than their food. So you need to keep your baby Superstar away from the cat food because it can make him gain weight fast. What I had to do was feed my cat at a different time than my dog and since my dog was crate trained I would put her up until the cat was finished eating otherwise your dog will always eat the cat food.
I do not let my dog eat the cat food. I put the cat food up high on my second kitchen counter. It did gross out my parents that I had it on my counter but it was better than having sick dogs. My cat is also happy because now he is the only one eating his food. :)


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