Holiday is my first Corgi, but my boyfriend grew up with a Corgi and he told me before we got Holiday that his mum used to talk to their Corgi Gwen and that Gwen would answer back, I thought he just meant barking, but Holiday has started talking now, its more like the sound Chewbacka makes in Star Wars. Does anyone else's Corgis make strange noises when talked to?

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Yes, Lance will also will talk back to us and make noises. He will even take his tail and hit it against the floor while hes talking to us, too cute!!
I swear Holiday understands what I'm saying, but my boyfriend Eryl just laughs at me!
I agree with you too, I swear Lance understands me too!! When he was a pup I used to have a conversation with him and he would make noises and whap his tail like he was agreeing with me lol Corgis are very smart!!!

We cant even spell the word walk around, Lance he knows what you are talking about either way, we have to call it a W!!! Not too long before he figures out what W means! Also cannot say I am going around the block either cause he automatically assumes your going on a walk LOL
hahaha omg, all the time! thast why i say winstons more of aperson than a dog.
yes!! both my corgi's cock there head side to side and make little meeping sounds at me =) LOL
Gwynnie jumps onto the bed in the morning and recites Gnostic gospels in Aramaic.
LOL John!

Yes, I first experienced this with my corgi mix, Bruce. He talks to me all the time, always has to have the last word in any conversation. His are soft little grunt-woofs.

Sidney does the wookie song, especially when he greets us in the morning or when we come home in the afternoon.

Here is a short video of Sidney's Wookie song...
Sami is a talker alright but then almost all the babies I've had were talkers. I think it is because I talk to them same as I would a person. Used to have a cat, Thumper, Mom swore he was saying Marion. It's great to have them talk I just love it.
We almost fell down laughing when we saw this post about Star Wars. We tell people all the time that Tenby sounds like a "wocky" (I am sure it isn't spelled right) on Star Wars. We always thought we was trying to sound like the cat. Because he uses this voice mostly when he and the cat are having a conversation.
Most of the sound effects on Star Wars are human vocals.
I found a video on youtube where they call it Corgiese which I thought was appropriate!
Hardy talks for treats and when he stretches. We call it singing. :)


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