Hello! We feed Gunny Taste of the Wild dog food. I read today that they have stopped shipments currently because a brand made at the same plant is being recalled. To be safe, they are stoping all shipments of all food. This concerns me that the food is made at a location that has a bad rep from what I've heard. Any comments or concerns?

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I guess it just depends. They have 3 manufacturing plants so seems like it would depend on the plant affected. Looks like they may use the diamond plant in MO, so I don't know if it affects my dog's food at all since I am in California and they have a plant in california that is not affected. I can't find any information specifically about a TOTW recall. I have seen that some of their products are manufactured in the same plant as Diamond foods, but they are NOT related to Diamond foods and use different ingredients so I personally wouldn't really worry about it. But that's just me.

I agree with Melissa....not the same ingredients though the plant is shared, but as far as I know, TOTW is not under the auspices of Diamond foods.  I'm sticking with TOTW.  Frankly, I think it shows some gumption and concern for their customers that they recalled the particular batch of food.

I don't have a bag of it right now BUT what I would do is call the company and ask them and they should have a # on the bag. I believe I have called them as well as Canidae and have had very good responses from both. They should be able to explain this. Please if you do let us know what they say! Thanks!

I don't feel that this is a concern at all.  The fact that they have stopped shipment, at their own initiative and without evidence of anything being wrong with their own food, is extremely reassuring.  They are likely just being overly cautious and trying to prevent a potential problem before it happens.  Instead of feeling worried, I feel even better about the brand that I have chosen for my dogs.


Here is some updated information on the recall in case anyone else is interested!


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