That's right fellow corgi lovers - Team Low Rider 2 is amongst the Top 20 teams and will be one of three to be interviewed for the Walk for Animals - Barkin' Beach Bash event for the San Diego Humane Society.  The segment will be aired Thursday, May 5th (today) at approximately 8:15 AM on San Diego's Fox News.


If you would like to support Team Low Rider 2, and our efforts to raise money for the Humane Society, please go to our Team Page and make a donation.  The walk is this Saturday, May 7.


Team Low Rider 2 Page


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Oh wow, good luck on your walk!
Way to go Team Low Rider:)
Go Team!
OH my goodness, I was beaming watching this.
Very cool to be on the news, great video,  The news reporter says corgis remind her of large hamsters, lol!? I dont think so, much cuter than large hamsters :)
My phone wouldn't let me reply to this comment earlier - I didn't appreciate the hamster comparison either, especially since I don't particularly like them.  But other than that - it was great!
Hah, that silly reporter thought she could feed just one corgi.  ;)

While I'm not captaining Team Low Rider 2, Sidney and I are participating! I couldn't go to the news event because of work :( I thought the team looked great, but that reporter...ugh! She called corgis hamsters! Booooo!


The captains for Team Low Rider 2 deserve credit for being one of the top 20 teams. Way to go, ladies!

I'm with the male newscaster... Large hamsters??? 

Gotta just be because of the stub and short legs, but I did temporarily get a vision of a bunch of little corgis running around in tubes...

Had to do this......


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