Does anyone have a puppy with tear stains? The vet said the puppy runny eyes were not unusual  and that was before the staining started. Her eyes do not have anything other then some clear wetness but the past week she has been getting dark lines that do not wash completely off. I never see pics of other corgis with these. She goes back for her second puppy visit sat. She is 10 weeks old now.

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Ooops. Just read a post from Holiday Thomas that this could be fairly common in Corgis.
I'm so glad this discussion was started! Callie's eye stains have always bothered me and as of yet have had not much help from our Drs...I should have pushed to get better answers! I was a veterinary assistant for 10 years so I should know better! Anyway I will be on a mission now to get better answers & help! Now that I think about it the tearduct issue sure makes more sense that anything else. Thanks to all... for opening my eyes (pardon the pun). I'll keep you all posted...
Nellie had this problem when she was little. It went away with time.


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