teddy bear is now in heaven with God and the angels as me and my husband weep because we miss him so much. his death was so tragic and happened so fast i fear i will never find peace with in my self as it feels as though i lost my child as me and teddy shared a very special bond with each other. what hurts the most is that today is his 2nd birthday :''( i had all his gifts ready and i was going to make today very special and at the end of the day i was going to make him a cake.


he died on Tuesday night and in a way i blame my self for what has happened because i made the decision to go out that night. right before we left we played tug of war for a bit and then played chase so he would be tired for that after noon. he had already has walk that day and i am at least thankful my husband was there so we all had one last walk together :'( right before i left i looked in his eyes and told him to be a good boy, i never knew that would be the last time i would ever look into his beautiful eyes again.


when we came home he didnt greet me at the door as he usually does. my heart sunk. he had gotten into the trash and got a corn dog bag over his head. his body was already stiff and he was so cold. his tongue was purple and the whites of his eyes were red and wide with panic. me and my husband cried while holding his little body asking God "why" as he was the most loving dog u would ever meet. so sweet and gentle. we called a friend to drive us to my work as they have a freezer for cremating dogs. it was the last place in the world i wanted to take him but i didnt know what else to do. at the clinc me and my husband held his body telling him what a great friend he was and that he was the best corgi anyone could ever ask for. we said are last good byes and petted him for the last time.  the house just feels so empty now, i dont ever want to get up in the mornings now because he would always greet me with a waging nub and kisses just because his mama, me, was up.


i am thankful for the time God gave me with him as he truly was a blessing. i love him with all my heart and soul and its just so hard to think he died like that i couldnt be there for him :''( we had so many great memories together such as when we took our first walk together, teaching him his first trick, taking him home to see my family, and this year he learned how to swim. the bond we had was so deep i swear i could read his mind. i always knew how he was feeling. i would have taken a bullet for this dog if i had to i love him so much. he was always so trusting of me and knew i would take good care of him no matter what. i made sure he was on the best food, always had a variety of foods on his kibble, i brushed his teeth, every Sunday he got groomed and i ALWAYS made sure he got his walks and if it had rained the day before and i couldnt walk him i would take him to the field so he could run. he would chase that ball or stick and he would fly across the field and theres nothing in the world i loved more than making him happy. i always wanted to be sure he was comfortable so i used harnesses instead of collars.


he loved people and children so much that he always welcomed them and wanted to say hello. he was always so gentle to little children. if they wanted to pet him he would lay on his side and wait patiently until they were done. he was to most gentle and friendly dog i have ever known.


Teddy, me and papa miss u SO much that we cant even express it. when i get your ashes back they will always be in the family room and i will be sure to pray to ask how u are doing. i know u are in even greater hands but the pain in my heart still hurts. u were such a wonderful friend. if i was ever sad or sick u wouldnt leave my side for even a second because u wanted to be sure i was ok. i will really miss our cuddles on the couch in the after noons and how u would get so excited when i asked if u wanted "noms" or a treat and u would jump at my face and lick me. i will miss our afternoon walks as i know u enjoyed those. i will miss taking u to the field so u can chase that stick, theres nothing like watching a happy corgi fly across the field and running back with a happy look in your eyes. i will miss u always bringing us your rope toys to play with because u loved tug-or-war so much. i will miss u greeting me at the door, seeing u after a long day at work made everything better. i will miss u greeting me in the morning with your kisses to get me up.i loved looking into those beautiful eyes he had. dark blue in the middle and then they were light blue on the edges.

u were my best friend and if i could have one wish it would be that u could be here again. we love you so much little buddy. i will see u one day at the rainbow bridge

 the petco pictures i posted about are the last photos i have of him. those were taken on sunday. please, i beg u, dont leave bags on the floor and when u throw them away cut them open to prevent this from happening to u.


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I am so sorry Rebecca, my heart aches for you :(

I am so, so sorry!!!  There really are no words.....

Oh, Rebecca, I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. :(

Oh my Rebecca, I'm so sorry for you and your husband. My heart goes out to you two, I hope that you find a way to heal your hearts. Rest in peace little guy.

Rebecca......such a tragic accident.  Our sympathies are with you & your husband as you cope with this devastating loss.  Please don't wait too long before opening your hearts & home to another four legged "child".....have faith that Teddy's spirit will lead you to just the right dog. There are so many that need a loving home just like yours.

Lilly and I are so sorry for your loss.  Corgi hugs and prayers to you and your family!

Oh Rebecca, my heart breaks for you and your husband.  What a tragic story, I am so very sorry:(  It is hard enough to lose a pet to old age but sudden endings are the hardest I know.  I lost my beloved Jordan (Brittany) over 10 years ago to being murdered by a scheming redneck looking for $ for his dead fighting roosters (she didn't do it but he saw her and shot her and then demanded we pay for the stupid chicken....we beat him in court) but that doesn't take away the heart break.  It will get better, but I do understand your loss.  Please when the time is right, find another one to love.  Obviously you both have wonderful "corgi-love"...I got my first corgi, Emma, after Jordan died and it did help my sadness watching the little one play.  Again, I am so sorry, thank you for sharing with us, I will be praying for you both!   love from Jack & Katie and their mom and my Angel Emma

Such a tragic accident and so sorry for yor loss. Rest in peace Teddy.

I am so sorry, I don't know what to say. I know all of us are hurting for you right now. God please Bless Teddy and his family.


So sorry, I am in tears for you. What a tragic accident.

I am soo deeply sorry for your loss. My heart is heavy for you and I wish you only love and warmth during this very difficult time.

Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about Teddy.  I just can't even imagine what you're going through right now.  Jake and I will say a little prayer for Teddy who is no doubt romping around just waiting to see you two again.


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