The antler that takes the cake - with "fur" on it (and if you are sqweemish, don't look)

At the specialty dog store where I went to pick up Bogart's birthday presents, I happened to look at the antler selection and saw some that had "fur" on them.  The store manager said they are rare and they only get them in once a year... Well, I had to buy one and BOY oh BOY did Bogart love this antler bone.  I took it from him after about 30 minutes of intense chewing, and it does look a bit gross, but it was a big hit.  Anyone else tried this type of antler?

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Oh wow, I didn't know you could get antlers that still had velvet on them.  I bet Ellie would go bonkers over one!  The antlers I get are always without any sort of fuzz left on them.

Most are sold for pets without velvet because the velvet itself is worth money. There is a huge red deer farm near my mother's house. It is amazing how much the racks are worth. The velvet sheds off, the racks are sawed off at this stage if for velvet purposes. A natural drop happens after the velvet has been shed and would be smooth.

I found an article about the deer farm the explains the details a little more.

Thank you, that was very interesting.  Especially the part about it being good for joints.

Bella would LOVE that!


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