I know corgis do goofy things like stomp on bugs and chase mice, but lately I'm having a problem with Pippa hunting honey bees. It doesn't matter how many times she gets stung, she just won't stop! She goes through all the acrobatics to catch a bee in midair, only to spend thirty minutes trying to slowly tear it apart without getting stung. Going off of the "barooos" and talking I hear from the kitchen, I can only assume she has caught another victim ¯\(°_°)/¯

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You should totally video tape that!!! I would love to see how fun it would be....

Mine got stung once when she was alone on the balcony and her whole face was swelling and I had to take her to the emergency --- I was so happy that I bought the insurance at that point. Now, if she sees a bee she would come inside. I hope she will remember this by next summer though.

Sparty got stung many years ago when he was about one year old....for the next 12 years any flying insect was a threat he needed to kill whether or not he got stung. He never gave up!

I'm always worried about that... Chewey loves chasing bees in the backyard too.    I swear he's gotten stung (or rather I can't believe he hasn't), but I haven't seen any adverse reactions.   Guess it must not have been too bad because he still chases them.

You might determine the appropriate Benadryl dose and keep it handy.  Swelling could be an issue if they get stung, say, on the tongue.

We do keep benadryl nearby. She's had more than one stinger pulled out of her tongue, but so far, the only part to swell from a sting is her nose :/


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