I am looking for, what for me will be the holy grail of corgi puppies.  I am looking for a male pem puppy that is a black-headed tri and is...a fluffy!  Can anyone please keep an ear to the ground for me.  I hate to be a snob but I would also like a AKC breeder that tests for DM.  I am in Atlanta but I am willing to make something happen anywhere in the eastern US.  


I hope this isn't against the mycorgi rules.  If so, please delete me Sam.  I am sorry.

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Well, Ms Cindi, I cant really blame you.  Lilly stayed black headed and holy cow is she fluffy and I am just obsessed with her!!  Her brothers both have brown heads and her sister isnt fluffy.  But if they decide to breed again....Ill let you know!!
Hi Cindi, Do you know about Pudge der Poopster? Seeing him may give you a serious case of corgi envy, but his owner might be able to give you a good breeder contact.


Hi  I am in ATL as well. There is a horse farm in Stockbridge that used to breed corgis and they might still. The place is on highway 138 and I can't think of it right now. Meneely????horse farm. Not sure if that is the correct spelling.  OK I got it...Meneely Show Horses LTD in Stockbridge.

If you find one.. Let me know. PLEASE.

I have been going crazy trying to find someone who has them sometimes. I found one person who had one.. But no. That was it. I don't know if you tried to contact Pudge's owner, but I did a while back and didn't get anything in return.

I also want a male:P

I did find...something! Logan is a dark (not totally black)-headed tri AND a fluff. He is from Dreamwindscorgis Corgis in Michigan. The breeder, Christy, is a great resource and is connected to many other breeders in the area. I drove two days (one way) to pick the little dude up. Totally worth it!

And he could not be cuter...dirt and all!


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