Welp, we made the dive and got another corgi pup. Oddly enough it hasn't been that long since Cricket was his age and I've already forgotten how rough it is to raise a pup.. Sigh!

We got Cricket when she was 8 weeks old. A clean slate, so to speak.. She has turned out to be a magical first dog! But Brian is a little over 4 months old. We've missed quite a lot and fear we may have missed an important age. He's rather sassy. We are trying to stay consistent and be more stubborn than he is. Bought man, is it rough..

He's food aggressive toward Cricket. She does well at staying away from his food after we tell her to leave it. But sadly he's like that with the water and toys, too. Anyone have any ace ways of helping me teach him that sharing is A-OK and he doesn't need to fight for his toys and water?

We are avoiding tug-o-war with him for now because it seems like he's attempting to be the alpha dog around here.. And I don't even want to deal with that.

I just want to fix his aggression issues while he's 4-5 months old, versus dealing when them as he gets older.

We plan on puppy classes for Brian, and for Cricket again. But right now we don't have that sort of extra money floating around.

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Thanks for getting another. Won't be long before they are best friends. Looking for pictures as soon as you can put them up.
Certainly! They never hold still long enough for me to get a photo of them both. Little turds. :)
Check out Nothing In Life Is Free. It will really help you find positive ways to assert yourself. Don't worry he is still a baby at 4 months and will be able to change. Meanwhile feed them separately and pick up the food bowls after they eat. I would leash him whenever he shows aggression and let him walk around with you for awhile. I used that method when I added an unpopular third dog and we now live in peace.
Thank you so much. I do feed them separately. The leashing him to me thing sounds good. Though Cricket is my love-dove and always stays near me from leashing her to me when she was a pup.

Thank you for your reply!


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