Hello Everyone!,

A friend sent me this link on facebook because it reminded her of our fur babies and I just had to share it! I laughed so hard the entire thing, not only because the pictures are adorable but because they are true. Enjoy and feel free to add your corgis' favorite things that make them happy =)




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I had to share this! I love corgi smiles!!

That is so cute and uplifting! This cheered me up as I miss my baby Wyatt. He's in the hospital till tomorrow afternoon. :(

SO cute!

I love it!  Lots of happy corgi pictures is a great way for me to start my day!  :D

What a great way to start my day!!

Happiness is a corgi meet-up.

We're #17.

Just looking at these pictures and all the great corgis, it made me happy !


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