So this morning, Baxter was itching at his right eye. I looked in it, and the third eyelid is irritated and sometimes stays up when his eye is open. I have been putting hot compresses on it for 15 minutes about every hour and it seems to be helping.


When daddy got home from work, he told me that he pulled an eye booger from Baxter's eye last night and that it was really hard to get out. He has a little white spot in the corner where boogers stay and there is a tiny little white spot, maybe a eye pimple?


He's acting fine, playing and being a normal puppy. He rubs at it sometimes like it itches...


I can't get a picture of the white spot but here is the third eyelid.



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Hi Kristina, put an e-collar on Baxter for the next couple of days, it will prevent him from pawing his eye or perform a face dive to relieve the irritation. Besides the warm compress, you can also use saline solution and squirt  / wash the eye every hour, it'll keep the area clean and free from bacteria. Get well soon Baxter!

Thank you so much. I wasn't sure if human eye products were ok for dogs...

What is an e-collar?

"the cone of shame:) lol its the cone they usually put on dogs after they get fixed or have surgeries
Haha oooohhhhhhh....
I have one if you'd like to borrow it.  LOL!!  It's clear plastic with a couple of snaps.  I called it the "funnel".  MaGuire had to use it when he had his eye worked on by the Vet. 
Haha I would love to borrow it but I'm all the way out in California!
It sounds like a clogged duct or sty. Warm compresses are good for both. If it's a duct you can massage it gently to help it open back up, but if it's a sty you need antibiotics.
I hope Baxter gets well soon. On a related note, what causes those eye boogers. I have to clean them out of Sparky's eyes every morning.
Oh thank you! The boogers some from dirt and other things that get in their eyes. Since they don;t have hands like people, dogs can't rub their eyes, they try with their little knubby paws (so cute) but it's not as effective. So they eye discharged/flush out whatever is in their eye that doesn't belong there.


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