I removed a tick from my dog that had probably been on her for 3 to 4 days.  I feel like I removed the whole tick but there is a very small raised white spot remaining from where I removed the tick.  No swelling or anything abnormal.  Just the small raised white spot.  Is this any reason for concern?  It's been 3 weeks....

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I would not worry about the spot itself, tick bites can cause local irritation for a long time. What I would worry about was the possibility of a tick related disease since it was attached for so long. Watch for anything abnormal--loss of appetite, energy, frequent urination, elevated water intake, or just anything that seems unusual for your dog. All the tick diseases can cause a wide array of symptoms and take a while to present themselves. They are, however, very responsive to doxycycline if treated promptly.

Well it could e a tick head but could not be its hard to remove a hole tick. For protection I would just get some harts fleee and Rick shampoo it will kill anything on there. Or get frontline drops you put down there back and it kills the ticks and also protects them from t for a while!!!!! 


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